When the Kids Are Away

Posted 08-23-2012 at 10:55 AM by whitneywalters

My oldest two children went to their grandparent’s house for a couple days recently. My husband’s parents live a couple of hours away from us and while we still see them fairly often they like having the older kids come and stay a few days in the summer. Usually my three year old daughter is not phased when her brother and sister are gone since they like to spend the night with my parents at least once every two weeks but this time it was much different.

The first night they were gone Kairi was fine. We took her and Amelia to the zoo and spent some extra time playing with just her. When she woke up the next day I noticed she was not happy with them being gone. She asked for them a couple times and I told her they would be back soon. She cried a little but I was able to make her happy by letting her watch a couple extra episodes of Dora.

Day two came a long and she was a nightmare. She was being naughty, not listening, throwing major fits and overall she was not a happy girl. I had Chris call his parents that night and let them know we needed to have the kids come back the next day. They had thought about keeping them a couple more days but we knew that Kairi really wanted them to come back.

She woke up the next day and the first thing she said was I miss Alex, I miss Sissy and then she started to sob. She was pretty happy when I told her we would be getting them later that day. My inlaws asked if I could meet them half way around lunch time so I got the girls some breakfast, played with them for a little while and then we headed out the door to go get the kids.

We met at Burger King since it had a little play area for the kids. Kairi was thrilled to see her brother and sister, we walked in the door and she saw them and started giggling. They played for awhile, we had a quick lunch and then we headed back home. Kairi was in a much better mood having them back. She really missed them this time. We are hoping by next year Kairi will want to go with them, she does not like to be away from mommy and daddy at night yet but hopefully in a year she will be ready to go spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa and be with her big brother and sister.

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