When They Play Nice

Posted 07-29-2013 at 12:43 PM by whitneywalters

I think any mom, with young kids that are close in age will understand the utter joy you feel when the kids play nicely together. Every time I catch them being sweet to each other, I grab the camera. I want to capture those moments so I can show them later and say, ” See, you do love each other!”

My oldest two children are fifteen months apart. I knew the moment I found out I was pregnant again that those two would fight a lot but I also knew they would be each other’s best friend. When Destiny first came home Alex was not so thrilled with this tiny creature that was invading his space and taking his mommy. As time went on, he grew to adore her, once she started becoming more mobile and taking his toys, he was once again not so thrilled with her. He is seven and she is almost six now, they still fight a lot but they can also be very sweet to each other. Alex plays Barbies with her and she will turn play Power Rangers with him, he has painted her nails and she learned to play a video game that needed two players. There are days they are inseparable, followed by days that they want nothing to do with each other. I know those two adore each other and those times I see them being sweet to each other, really melts my heart.

We added a third child to the mix when our second was just under two. Alex and Destiny both adored her from the start. They never really had any fighting issues until just recently and that is because Kairi is going through a super defiant stage. Destiny was more than happy to share with her baby sister and acted like a little mommy to her.

Kairi and Amelia are a whole different story. Amelia was born two weeks before Kairi turned two, at first everything was perfect but once Kairi realized just how much attention a baby needed, it changed. While she still loved Amelia, she did go through a jealous stage for awhile. Once the jealously wore off, Amelia was getting more mobile and Kairi did not like this baby taking her things. Once in a blue moon, she would share nicely with Amelia but usually she would either take the toys back and run or come crying to me that Amelia had her toy.

Amelia is just shy of two and Kairi is just shy of four. They are starting to get a long better and learning to share but they still have their moments. I thought Alex and Destiny fought a lot when they were toddlers but these two are much worse. One moment they are acting like they hate each other, fighting over everything , the next they will hug each other and kiss each others boo-boos. I have learned to let them work it out on their own as long as no one is really hurt.

Kairi is starting to fall into her role of big sister when it comes to certain things though. Like when we play at the park, she will take Amelia by the hand and lead her to the slides. She pushes her on the merry go round, protects her from bigger kids ( the best she can ) and can be very sweet. Watching her push her on the merry go round is adorable, she will tell Amelia to sit down and hold tight. Then she pushed it very gently and they both just giggle.

I know the fighting is something they will do forever but the sweet moments make everything well worth it.

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