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Posted 04-26-2012 at 09:35 AM by whitneywalters

I know that all kids have sharing issues but they seem to be getting really bad lately in my house. My two year old daughter is going through a pretty bad stubborn streak and this is causing a lot of issues for her in the sharing department. If she wants something, she take it, does not matter who has it or what she needs to do. When it comes to taking things from the baby she just does and is not phased by the baby crying. If her brother or sister have it, she hits or pulls hair. She tried to do the same to Chris and I but she learned it would not work with the adults. She has yet to learn it won’t work with the other kids.

I had been doing all the text book things to teach kids to share, making her start sharing from an early age and always praising her for sharing, it has not seemed to have made any difference.

Now it is just a matter of getting her to see sharing is not an option it is a requirement in this house. Here is a list of what I am doing with her.

1. If she takes something by force, remove it from her right away.
– Any time she takes something from a sibling I take it back and give it to the person that had it. I also firmly tell her no and that we do not take things away from people.

2. Encourage sharing and teach by example.
– Whenever I see her willingly share with someone I praise her behavior. Showing her that good things comes from when she shares.I also make sure she sees me sharing things with other people, showing her that even mommy has to share.

3. Remove them from the setting.
– If she continually is causing problems over a toy she wants I remove her from the area and make her sit on the couch for a couple minuets. This is usually enough to get her to realize what she is doing is not accomplishing anything other then making her not be able to play.

4. Do not make her share everything.
– There are couple toys per child that they do not have to share. These are special toys and we even put them up if they want when friend’s are over. It worked in the past with my two older kids and made them more willing to share other things knowing they had some things that were just their special toys.

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