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You know one thing I can’t stand? Whining. It drives me nuts. My girls both have speech delays so whining is even worse for me because I have to strain to understand them as it is. When they’re upset it is certainly no easier. In our house I have officially put a ban on whining. It just doesn’t solve anything—they don’t really express what problem they have, so we can’t work through it, and I end up annoyed.

If a Whining Ban sounds good to you, then let me tell you what we do. Anytime the whining begins, I ask them to stop. If it doesn’t, I let them know I will be sending them to their rooms. Three strikes and they’re out! (Of course I am referring to three occurrences over the same issue…whatever that is) And personally, I only allow them so many chances because this is a new system to them and they are so young. When they’re older I think I will be done by the second time.

So, after they’ve been adequately warned and they continue to whine, I send them to their room with a warning not come back down until they’ve stopped whining. Now, like I’ve said this is new for us so at least two or three times they will come back down whining about how mean I’m being (giggle!) and I send them back. As long as you’re consistent, they will eventually come down peacefully and ready to talk. Then we discuss why they had to go to their room in the first place.

Granted, it’s no magical formula and with two as young as I’ve got I’m bound to be doing this for awhile but I am just so glad they’re learning! I could do with less whining in my life. If you feel the same way, give it a try and see if it will work for you.

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