Why Counting Kicks Matters

Posted 01-13-2014 at 10:23 AM by whitneywalters

When I was twenty five weeks into my latest pregnancy my baby gave me a scare that I will never forget. I had been out with my Mom doing some shopping that day, we were pretty busy and walking a lot. After dropping her off I noticed a couple minor contractions, I figured I just needed to get off my feet and drink some water but then I got to thinking, I had not felt any baby movement since breakfast. I tried not to worry about it since I was still driving myself home at the time but I paid very close attention to the contractions I was feeling, they were not regular, not very painful but they did make me feel very breathless.

I got home and told my husband what was going on. He looked up labor and deliveries number for me while I drank a large glass of ice water and tried to lay down. This usually would make my baby go crazy, this time she did not move at all. So I tried a second glass of ice water and laid down again. She was completely still, I even pushed on my belly a little where I knew she liked to kick, no response. We were both pretty worried now so I went ahead and called. They asked me to come in right away to get checked.

I did not want to wait around and find a babysitter so I drove myself over and had my husband stay home with the kids. I got there and a nurse started checking for the babies heartbeat, silence. I was starting to panic, the nurse searched for a good five minutes before she told me she was calling my doctor and ultrasound. I broke down, I was convinced something happened and my baby died. I called my husband so he could have the kid’s uncle come over and he could get the hospital. Then I called my parents and they headed right there also. I ┬ácalled my friend who lived in town so I would not be alone, my parents and husband were both twenty minutes away from where I was. My friend came and held my hand while we waited.

My doctor got there shortly later and she also started searching for the heartbeat, again silence. She kept looking, I kept praying and finally she thought she found her. My heart was racing so she was having trouble tracking the baby, I slowly got myself calmed a little and the doctor kept the doppler on until ultrasound got there.

Ultrasound got there at the same time my husband and parents did. They did a quick scan to check on her. She was not wanting to move at all so they used the buzzer ( just a little button that makes a buzzing noise on your stomach ). It startled her and she started kicking, then she yawned twice. It was really cute to watch.

After the scan they monitored me for awhile, made sure she was going to keep kicking, that the contractions stopped and then I was able to go home.

Since that scare, I have been very careful about watching her movements. I always watched movements some what before but now I am very diligent about it. The recommendation is that you need to feel ten movements in under two hours during an active time for your baby. If there is ever a time that you are concerned about lack of movement, call right away. A quick check on baby will never hurt anything.

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3 Responses to “Why Counting Kicks Matters”

  1. Bump2b on January 17th, 2014 1:24 am

    I am so glad to hear that everything was ok!! Thanks for this post

  2. EmilyMae12 on January 18th, 2014 6:35 pm

    This happened to me at about 37 weeks, it’s so scary and everything turned out fine and my girl finally started moving and they found the heartbeat! Now she’s a toddler and I am lucky to get her to sit still! :)

  3. sunnyview on January 19th, 2014 3:17 pm

    Thanks for the post.

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