Why I Love Redbox

Posted 02-24-2012 at 10:14 AM by Krista

We used to use Netflix exclusively, which until recently offer unlimited instant viewing as well as two Dvds a month for an astonishing bargain of $7.99 a month. Of course, when Netflix realized what a deal this was, as they were bound to as they were putting their competitors out of business, they decided to increase their prices. Now if I want the same plan, I will double the amount I’m paying to them to around $16 a month.

Now, while this still might seem like a good deal, an increase of 100% just upsets me. After all, while it is still no where near the prices of cable, I am a stay at home mom with a family of four to feed on one income! Back in the good old days, J and I would buy—yes buy—any movie we were interested in seeing. I am ashamed to admit that we frequently spent fifty to a hundred dollars on movies. Even worse is that we ended up hating at least half of them and then giving them away or donating them.

I can hardly fathom that I ever lived like that and can’t imagine ever doing it again, even if one day we have enough money to roll around in just for sport. The only excuse I can offer is that we both had good paying jobs, few bills, and nothing to spend it on but frivolous whims.

Once I got laid off from my job, and we became pregnant, of course we knew that sort of spending had to stop. As an alternate plan to help us save money, we began using Netflix exclusively for our movie needs. I realized quickly that on average we watched about two movies a month and the rest of the time we watched instant viewing.

I had heard about Redbox, and saw their red dispensers everywhere I went, but what was the point? I could get the movie for “free” as part of my plan with Netflix. However, when Netflix hiked their prices, I decided we weren’t going to keep the dvd plan. I reasoned that at $1 a pop (I actually think it is something like $1.30 now) I could watch my two movies a month and still come out ahead. We mamas have to do everything we can to make that dollar stretch!

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