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Posted 12-17-2012 at 10:50 AM by brewanothercup

If anyone ever described me as organized, I’d laugh. I’m the last person anyone would call organized. The only two things organized about me are my chaos and my cloth diapers, especially during the work week.

Sunday nights I make sure almost all of our diapers are freshly cleaned and dried. Then, the assembly line beings: in 5 wetbags of all sizes I put 5 pocket diaper each; this is more than enough for 40 hours of school for my 2 year old. I leave the zippers open so I know they are clean because let me tell you is it ever awkward to present daycare with a bag full of dirty diapers instead of fresh ones (not that that has ever happened to me or anything…). The bags hang by the garage door so that all I have to do is grab an open bag on my way out in the morning.

Once at daycare, I stuff the 5 diapers into my son’s cubby and then hang the wetbag near them. As he’s changed, they simply turn to the left to put the diaper in the wet bag instead of to the right to the garbage. That’s it. They do nothing different other than that one simple turn and some snaps instead of disposable flaps. There is no laundering, no stuffing, no unstuffing. Easy peasy. When I pick him up I grab is wetbag and things and we are on our way. Easy peasy for us, too, and my son adores carrying his wetbags out.

At home, I separate the diapers out for my favorite part: the poop hunt. The rest of the diapers go into our resident diaper bag to be washed with the next cycle and the poop gets it’s new home and an all expensive paid vacation to the water sewage treatment facility courtesy of Toilet Cruises. We wash every two or three days (four if we are particularly busy) and then VOILA! The cycle that sort of makes me look organized begins again.

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