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Posted 09-14-2012 at 10:32 AM by whitneywalters

“Don’t you think that you have enough”?  That is my husband said to me when I was showing him the new diaper prints that I was wanting to order from a coop.  He could not understand why I wanted more diapers now that we are down to diapering only one baby and our stash was already big enough for two. Of course I tried to explain to him  that you can never really have enough diapers, all the benefits of having a huge stash and of course the great deal I would be getting in the coop. He just walked away shaking his head at me.

Honestly, I can never have enough diapers. I have heard people talking about reaching stash nirvana but I do not think I will ever really get to that point.  I love getting new diapers for Amelia in the mail and the more the merrier is how I feel about it.  My husband thinks I am cloth diaper obsessed, he likes our diapers but not nearly the way I do. He does not understand why I always want the new prints, why getting new diapers in the mail is so exciting and what the draw to it all is. Luckily as long as I am not spending more money then we have and paying all the bills before I buy anymore  diapers, he does not really care if I buy some new ones.

He has been teasing me about me crying when our diapering days are over. I just tell him that there is no need to worry, I probably will cry a little once I am not buying diapers for the kids anymore but then I can always move onto boutique clothes for the kids instead. Plus I am always trying to convert friends to cloth so if any of them do use cloth then I can buy diapers for their kids.

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  1. Erinjm on September 14th, 2012 1:12 pm

    My husband feels the same way! I have 70 diapers for a 20 month old and another due in December. I can’t help but get excited when I find a great deal on something I wanted to try. He says he trusts me and I don’t have to ask if I should/shouldn’t buy more. I like to keep him in the loop and honestly wish he’d say no- lol, so that I can really say I am saving money over disposables. He calls it me “thing” but definately has opinions of which ones he likes. I keep that in mind while buying. So, that’s probably why he has no complaints :)

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