You Know You’re a Mom When…

Posted 05-8-2015 at 12:19 PM by Matrivine

Mom painting with child

The art of Motherhood seems to be a thankless job (unless, of course, you threaten to make your spouse do it for a week) but there are some moments that define the job. In fact it isn’t likely to happen anywhere else, except in the work place of mom. You just have to laugh and chalk it up to motherhood.

You know you’re a mom when:

– You yell “Don’t put the dog’s tail in your mouth!” in a public place.

– Your toddler is following so closely that when you stop they bounce off your backside and into a wall.

– Part of your laundry system involves disassembling a car seat, washing the cover, and reassembling it again. If you have more than one child you can do each car seat assemble in about five minutes.

– You wake up at 5am without setting an alarm clock.  You also wake up to little eyes and a teddy bear staring at you from the side of the bed.

– Part of your toilet routine is attacking the little fingers that appear under the closed door.

– You still feel anxiety and guilt coupled with exasperation for closing the bathroom door.

– Dinner is the first meal of your day because when you are feeding the kids you are so focused on them eating you forget to feed yourself.

– You have traded in the South Beach Diet for the Toddler Left Over Diet.

– You tell yourself that baby spit up is great for your hair anyway.

– You awake out of a dead sleep at two in the morning and go check on your kids, who are sleeping just fine.

– You have taught your toddler to claim your digestive sounds when in public.

Last but not least, you know you’re a mom when you wouldn’t trade the crazy things that happen to you for the world. Happy Mother’s Day!



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