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  1. parents of autistic children
  2. Intoducing my sn baby...and yours!
  3. wishes come true.....
  4. Annie's Celiac Biopsy
  5. For those of you with more than one child
  6. Who here is hsing their sn kids?
  7. Anyone else advocate with your children's hospital and won?
  8. When a child won't take their meds
  9. Potty Learning and ASD/PDD-NOS?
  10. stuck? advise? anyone?
  11. Discipling an Autistic Child
  12. Autistic child
  13. Diet changes? Low Carb?
  14. how do you take your kiddos to the dentist?
  15. DS not growing (height or weight)? Dr. update post 13
  16. Anyone have to cath their little one?
  17. homeopathic immunizations
  18. April is Autism Awareness Month
  19. Never mind :)
  20. Dan Doctor?
  21. He's coming home finally!
  22. *Pics* of my lil' Autism Advocate!!!
  23. Don't know if this is where this should be...
  24. Were going to the DAN doctor tomorrow.
  25. iherb.com $5 off- for supplements and such for SN kids
  26. What age was your dc diagnosed with ADHD?
  27. Speech Apraxia???
  28. Anyone CD'ing a Club Foot baby?
  29. Weighted blanket info needed
  30. I thought this day would never come!
  31. Toy and Activity Suggestions needed
  32. Any Parents of Kiddos w/Special Needs in Spokane, WA?
  33. ? Need Advice - foster/adopt, 8 year old, stealing ?
  34. Any tips for hospital stays?
  35. Holistic Doctors??? help!
  36. Holistic Doctors??? help!
  37. aspergers
  38. Anyone have a lo with hearing loss???
  39. Need autism help
  40. Angelmans syndrome?
  41. Spina Bifida Occulta?
  42. Any moms of spastic diplegia (cp)?
  43. Mamas who have lo's with sensory issues~can you help me?
  44. Any Mommas of a Hip Baby?
  45. If you child is on the autistic spectrum, what treatments are you doing?
  46. Anyone parenting a baby who was exposed to drugs or alcohol pre-birth?
  47. Celiac disease
  48. Infants with low blood sugar
  49. Acquired Aphasia?
  50. Anyone else here have a g-tube dependent child?
  51. Is there a Pediasure equivalent that is not milk/soy based?
  52. Not Hearing and Walking at 15mon
  53. my son might have autism....
  54. just diagnosed with epilepsy, anyone have a little with this??
  55. What is your coping strategy? Special needs kiddo(s)
  56. Any mamas/daddys with ostomy kiddos?
  57. Cloth diapers & accesories with the special needs child- recommendations
  58. Why are people like this?
  59. Speech Delay/ Speech Therapy?
  60. Dr.Mel Levine
  61. New here
  62. Would you feel offended?
  63. Babysitters and SN Child?
  64. Adaptive Play Equipment for the Special Needs Child?
  65. Aspergers and socialization
  66. SID or SPD Parents come join us!
  67. how to ask about a sn child
  68. Health insurance question
  69. CMTA
  70. More answers surfacing on Autism!!!
  71. Short gut and diarrhea
  72. Question for mama's of allergic kids
  73. listening therapy
  74. Special needs or not?
  75. ATAREX, side effects in kids/infants?
  76. Any other momma with a little one with Goldenhar Syndrome?
  77. Is my son SN?
  78. Newly diagnosed autism
  79. Autism 4 yr old Nightime Trainer???
  80. How was your SID or similiar child diagnosed?
  81. 5 yr DD with SID wont get out of diapers?
  82. Anyone else with a Stickler Syndrome child?
  83. Got our official diagnosis
  84. Anyone have LO's with Heart Defects? CHD
  85. Web Browser for Autistic children
  86. Mile stones
  87. sensory mamas!!! we had a huge leap and bound today!!!
  88. Chiari Decompression
  89. Cd'ing special needs kids.
  90. MED info...Has anyone used TENEX w/LO?
  91. Eastern WA/Northern ID parents of kiddos with Special needs?
  92. Would you hold you child back in school?
  93. Fed. waiver programs?
  94. Celiac Disease
  95. ODD Questions- Oppostional Defiance Disorder
  96. Does anyone here have a son with adhd?
  97. Gluten issues / celiac disease.
  98. Pretend Play!
  99. Any kids here with an ACE (Malone)?
  100. MIL spanked daughter with sensory issues
  101. Pedatric feeding disorder and SPD.
  102. We have a feeding evaluation on the 15th.
  103. 60 lb, 6 yr old needs bedtime trainer
  104. ASD
  105. any ftt with food allergies?
  106. MRI tommrow
  107. Aspergers book?
  108. Trisomy 18 x post
  109. cystic fibrosis
  110. Someone help me. (LONG)
  111. Let's pull together for a family in need - baby diagnosed with SMA :(
  112. Any Parents of Kids with Vascular Malformations?
  113. Sensory Processing Disorder
  114. Can't see outflow of heart at 20 wk u/s
  115. Feeding disorder
  116. Night time Child care
  117. is my son autistic???
  118. Here's why I need a pod swing for my SPD girl
  119. Kearnan let me braid his hair!!!
  120. I am so thankful for this forum!
  121. concerned about my son(autism question)
  122. Is anyone familiar with Norries Disease?
  123. Toddler/Young Child sized Johnny Jumper?
  124. Spina Bifida/Arnold Chiari moms-I have a Q
  125. hole in the heart and other issues ((looong))
  126. Autism
  127. DD has an eval appt.
  128. Food Allergy Question
  129. Worried about my nephew.
  130. Too constrained in cloth?
  131. Mickey Button Moms!
  132. Having So Much Problem With GButton
  133. Mamas of Autistic kids
  134. Neocate Jr on sale!
  135. Adding to your family after a child with SN
  136. I think he's a special needs child...
  137. Will he get better?
  138. Handicap Vehicle Question
  139. Help with diet-autism and sibs
  140. Tics?
  141. What age was your child diagnosed with Autism?
  142. What would you do? Question about Autism.
  143. funny question...
  144. Are there any moms out there with Hypotonic kiddos?
  145. Hearing, walking, sensory issues
  146. My son has hives everywhere!!!
  147. SN kiddos starting preschool...woo hoo!
  148. Need Help with My Family
  149. Time for a new therapist?
  150. I think it's just now hitting me.
  151. need help convincing dp
  152. Creative Ideas on how to keep my DD from pulling out her hearing aids!
  153. started an elimination diet....now MORE confused!!!
  154. premie with tummy issues, please help!
  155. child with ADHD
  156. Any Mamas with kiddos with Torticollis?
  158. Any ideas?
  159. Acid Reflux and Asthma
  160. Anyone going to home school
  161. what makes a child Special Needs?
  162. hypoplastic limb
  163. Stickler Syndrome
  164. Kids and Meds
  165. sensory processing eval
  166. very emotional/adhd
  167. Anyone have a child no longer qualify for Special ed?
  168. How to express concerns over developmental delays
  169. Is it JUST my insurance that sucks so badly?
  170. DS got kicked out of new daycare :(! advice?
  171. possible feeding tube..help
  172. Feeding Tubes
  173. Spirited Child?
  174. Rant about man at PO! (not po worker)
  175. Is anyone sick to death of therapy and want to vent with me?
  176. Any parents in MI here have dd's with AS or Autism
  177. Anyone Gluten Free/ Casein Free???
  178. Holidays are Coming? Whats on the shopping list for your special needs kiddo?
  179. Deafness?
  180. Food Allergy moms? Help w/ a rash issue?
  181. anyone use valerian root for insomniac teen?
  182. stressed out mama with sn child
  183. Looking for Weighted Blanket for Sensory Disorder/Autism?
  184. filling for a weighted blanket
  185. I would love it if
  186. No more cardiologist until
  187. Update w/ Bayley scores in post 14: Language delay means what?
  188. Sigh, came away with more referrals than we were expecting
  189. wwyd, friend's son with additional needs
  190. what does your dairy-free toddler drink?
  191. Any mamas with ADHD?
  192. Cloth was approved
  193. Smiling, Laughing---happy or problem?
  194. Feeding issue question
  195. Cognitively delayed?
  196. Failure To Thrive??
  197. ADHD help!
  198. Two assessments today
  199. nevermind
  200. Please help! Our Dr. is stumped!!
  201. Just overwhelmed
  202. What eyeglasses do you have for your infant and toddler
  203. Free XXL wool soaker
  204. Noonan's Syndrome
  205. Under 1 with chronic ear infections
  206. help please!!
  207. Help! Big boy night wetters... what do you use?
  208. Aspergers? ADHD?
  209. Diapering older child with pfs/flats
  210. *Small update* Signs of Autism?
  211. Friend's Son Just Diagnosed with Autism, What to Say?
  212. Anyone have experience with a infant/toddler on tegretol or keppra
  213. Auditory Processing Disorder
  214. Fundo/Nissen Anyone??
  215. Sign language question
  216. Does anyone else have a high need child?
  217. DD1 PASSED her milk challenge!!!!!!!
  218. Signing Time Giveaway
  219. bone issues
  220. Question About GButton
  221. experience with a trach?
  222. sleep feeding/dream feeding
  223. speech therapy, articulation
  224. Neocate Jr.?
  225. Help with ideas on how to keep oxygen on my son.
  226. I just listed a mobility stroller in "Everything Else"...
  227. New here and in need of advice
  228. Parents of little ones with Down's Syndrome....
  229. Poor baby
  230. Special shoes for a dwarf toddler??? Please help me help my friend!
  231. Five month old having dietary issues ALREADY!
  232. Maddie's MRI is today
  233. NICU mamas
  234. Advice On Special Needs Stroller/Pushchair
  235. Eating issues in a 5yo
  236. Adjusting to food allergies , we need help.
  237. extended family "helping out" problems?
  238. Medicating
  239. CD for bigger Handicapped Children?
  240. Celiac Disease moms- how did you know?
  241. We figured it out! I think....dietary
  242. Diabetes Moms?
  243. endocrinologist anyone? *update*
  244. Dicipline and Autism
  245. Oh boy , He is all broken out in hives again!
  246. Port Wine Stain?
  247. albuterol?
  248. Need help with behavior modifications
  249. low muscle tone
  250. Diaper rashes in austic/aspergers kids?