View Full Version : How is everyone doing post partum?

12-23-2010, 02:17 PM
Since most, but not all of us have had our babies, how is everyone doing?

What has been the hardest part to parenting this new one, so far?

How are you cooping with little sleep?

Have you started cloth diapering already?

How are you feeling physically? emotionally?

How is the rest of your family doing?

Really, just what is up?

12-23-2010, 02:22 PM
For me, the hardest thing has been the sleep, I love nursing her and this is the first baby that has co-sleep with us, ever night, all night...usually they ending up in the bassenet some, but not her. I just love holding her and she sleeps better with me.

Nursing is going great, and we did start cloth diapering on day 6, I love it, no longer do I get frusterated when she poops 3 times in 15 minutes, who cares we can just wash them :)

Physically I am having a ard time with the weight...I wish it would just fall off, ugh...I have lost...about 17 lbs, but I gained 40 so a ways to go.

Emationally I am a wreak, I cry at everything, haha, commercials, Tangle ( the movie) silly tears, but I cant help it, everything moves me right now. I am sure I will cry at Church tomorrow night too. What a mess I am.

All of our kids are adjsuting well, they just love her to pieces, almost too much!haha

Daddy is helping so much be he has to go back to work on MON, :( I will miss him!

Anyway, how are you guys?

12-23-2010, 02:39 PM
I am doing OK :)

The lack of sleep is the hardest, espscially with the other 2 to take care of...... Nursing is going GREAT, she is a natural~~

Physically I am fine, I didnt have any stitches, so the healing was super easy :)

Emotionally I am a mess :( EVERYTHING makes me cry and knowing that this is my last baby has me pretty down in the dumps.

I have started CD'ing, we are using all PF's and flats, and its going great!! I too have a baby that poops every 15 minutes, I just get a clean one on and she poos lol!

All in all things are going well, my kids are IN LOVE with thier baby sister, DAddy is awsome and I am so in love :wub:

12-23-2010, 02:56 PM
What has been the hardest part to parenting this new one, so far? I can't say what has been the hardest. I feel like I have just naturally fallen into the whole baby care. I was a bit worried before I had him that I would not be comfortable taking care of him but it is so different when it is your own.

How are you cooping with little sleep? Sleep is hard right now. I have a hard time napping during the day and leaving everything for others to do. Add that to the fact that Noah only sleeps well while being held and he likes to eat every hour during the night and it makes for one sleepy momma. My mom has been staying with us and she has been a life saver. She will take him for a couple of hours to let me sleep during the night. :lostit:

Have you started cloth diapering already? Not yet. His cord just fell off today and I am still feeling bad a lot of the time so I can't imagine adding more laundry to the mix. I was just talking with my mom today asking her once she leaves how I get anything done between feeding Noah and holding him so he gets a good nap. :giggle:

How are you feeling physically? emotionally? Physically ok. I have pretty significant tearing and that had me down for the first several days Now I am battling yeast/ thrush and so every feeding almost has me in tears because of the pain. I am so committed to breast feeding but there have been a few times I just wanted to throw my hands up and quit.
Emotionally I am a roller coaster. I was really upset when DH went back to work and I have a feeling it is going to be really hard when my mom leaves. She has been staying with us since 6 days before he was born and I really like having her here.

How is the rest of your family doing? Being our first I think DH and I are handling it pretty well. He is a great daddy already, just taking to it really quickly and naturally. With both of us sleep deprived communication is not the best but then again this time of year is hard anyways sometimes.

All in all I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have my little guy here. Some ways it seems like he has been here a lot longer than 11 days and other times I think "How is he already 11 days old?!?!?!!?" :cry: And I am sure that will only get worse when I don't spend my days feeding him and staring at him all day long. :giggle:

12-23-2010, 03:47 PM
I am doing okay. We have had some stressful times in the past 2 weeks but nothing too bad.

What has been the hardest part to parenting this new one, so far?
Sleep is the biggest challenge here too. DD1 still sleeps in our bed. She will only go to sleep if I am there so that has been difficult. After she falls asleep then I spend the rest of the night on the couch with DD2 in a bassinet. I miss my bed but for now it is the best we can do.

How are you cooping with little sleep?
It is getting better. DD1 was bottle fed so it is a big change for me to be the one that gets up with the baby every single time to nurse. She has been going 3-4 hours at night so I am getting more than the 1 1/2 to 2 hours I was getting before.

Have you started cloth diapering already?
We are cloth diapering part time. DH uses sposies if he changes a diaper and we use them at night too. I'm hoping to jump in full time next week.

How are you feeling physically? emotionally?
I had some physical and emotional difficulties with the way my birth went. It still makes me want to cry when I think about it some days but I have my precious baby girl now so I know the important thing is that she is here. How she got here shouldn't be an issue.

How is the rest of your family doing?
DD1 really likes the baby. She is having some difficulties sharing me as she is still very attached but we are working through it. DH and I have been on edge a little bit but I'm hoping since he is on Christmas break now we can take time to get ourselves back on track.

12-23-2010, 03:48 PM
What has been the hardest part to parenting this new one, so far?

i found out when he was a few days old that he broke his collarbone during the delivery and i have been very worried about it being something more serious. our pediatrician appt. today calmed my fears for the most part. he should keep gaining more strength in his right arm over the next few weeks and all should be well.

How are you cooping with little sleep?

i'm doing fine without a lot of sleep. i wasn't getting much during my pregnancy anyways :) my hubby is also awesome. he will be off work until jan. 3rd. yippee!

Have you started cloth diapering already?

not yet because his circ is not quite healed yet. i'm getting excited to use all my cloth soon and to share pics because i'm a nerd :)

How are you feeling physically? emotionally?

i feel so much better now. physically i am healing great and feel so much more "normal". emotionally i feel good, now that my pediatrician confirmed that his shoulder/arm will most likely be fine long term.

How is the rest of your family doing?

my 3 other boys are crazy and very energetic, but it hasn't been too bad. 2 of them take at least a 2-3 hr nap every afternoon, which is great. and my husband has been absolutely incredible with picking up the slack for the past 10 days.

12-23-2010, 04:02 PM
What has been the hardest part to parenting this new one, so far? I'm not sure... In all honesty, this has been a much easier adjustment for us than we expected. Everyone had us scared about what it would be like with 3 but for us it's been easier than when #2 was born!

How are you cooping with little sleep? We are actually getting quite a bit of sleep! He has been going 3-4 hours at night the last couple of days. He's really an easy baby... All I do is swaddle him, nurse him, and then lay him in the cosleeper!

Have you started cloth diapering already? Yes! He wore his first cloth diaper home from the hospital. We've been doing spoises at night just to use up the few that were given to us but they are just about gone so we will be in 100% cloth.

How are you feeling physically? emotionally? Physically, I feel great! I was a little sore for the first week... I pulled a muscle in my tummy during delivery. Other than that I didn't have an tearing or stiches so I have had a very easy recovery. Emotionaly, I also feel pretty good so far! We are keeping on eye on things because I did have some pretty bad un-diagonsed(sp?) ppd last time.

How is the rest of your family doing? Great! DD1 loves the baby to pieces and at times is almost too helpful! DD2 goes through phases. Some days she loves him and other days shes doesn't want anything to do with him or anyone who is holding him. She has also regressed regarding potty training. She has been day trained for several months and is now mostly back in pull-ups which has been frustrating. DH decided to take a full week off with us which was nice, but we were all ready for him to go back to work this week so that we could get back into a normal routine.

12-23-2010, 05:35 PM
Jealous that I can't fill this out!!! lol

12-23-2010, 07:16 PM
Lauren, what fold are you using for the flats? I have never used them with an infant.

Whitney, you are going to do great when your mom leaves, that 1ft baby is such a sweet time, do you have a wrap or sling, those help so much when you need to get stuff done.

Katie, sorry your birth was not what your heart desired, but you are right the one thing that matters is a perfect baby. Mourn when you feel sad and done camp out there, time will heal. My dh does sposies too, she says she is just to tiny to get the snappi and cover on, haha!

Steph, we had a foster baby that broke his, born with his hand up over his head, silly thing, he healed so quickly, your little guys is going to be fine, you are a super mommy!! Yeah for napping big kids! Here too my other 2 youngest sleep or rest at least 1 hour a day.

Sarah, Hope the ppd doesn't come back this time! Don't let that potty training get to you, the less you make over it the better you both will feel. She will get better, they alwasy do. I have a whiner since baby came, we are just trying to ignore it and maybe it will go away, haha!

Oh Jen...hugs, your turn is coming, then we will wnat to know all about how you are doing!!

12-23-2010, 10:14 PM
Christy, I use the mini kite fold or I fold the flat so its the same size as an infant PF, they are AWSOME, really easy to use and super easy to clean, we have horrible washers in our apartment building, so I had no choice but to switch to flats, but I really love them!! I will have to take some pics of Abby in her diaper!

12-24-2010, 12:49 PM
What has been the hardest part to parenting this new one, so far? Cooper has been an amazing, easy baby so far so I haven't come across a hard part...yet!

How are you cooping with little sleep? I'm doing okay. I am tired and the hardest part is trying to keep up with the other children on little to no sleep.

Have you started cloth diapering already? I tried when he was a week old but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with the diaper laundry because my recovery from my C-section isn't going as planned :(. I sold my newborn stash and plan to start with his OS pockets soon.

How are you feeling physically? emotionally? Emotionally, great (however I am having regrets about having my tubes tied). Physically, not good. I developed a hematoma in my lower left side from my uterus bleeding out from the C-section. I am still in great pain at almost 4 weeks PP if I stand too long, walk too much, cough, sneeze, etc. I'm hoping to heal soon so I can get back to normal here.

How is the rest of your family doing? Everyone is doing great here! The kids are all so in love with Cooper and do so much to help me with him! Dad went back to work the next week after he was born so he's only here later in the evenings but has also been a huge help!

Really, just what is up? We are all enjoying the newest member of our family! It's crazy, but I really can't remember our life without him in it! It feels like he has been here forever! I am so totally in love!

12-24-2010, 06:59 PM
What has been the hardest part to parenting this new one, so far?

Nothing to do with parenting HER, but while I am nursing her big brothers use that time to act up worse then they already have been.

How are you cooping with little sleep?

I'm doing as good as can be expected. I'm simply exhaused. Some nights she will sleep through the night, but she caught a cold from her brother so we've been on a 2 hour schedule for suctioning out the nasties out and then pretty much forcing her to eat.

Have you started cloth diapering already?

Yep :) We started the day after she was born. We opted to not use cloth in the hossy, but the second we got home I rushed upstairs to change her out of the sposies!

How are you feeling physically? emotionally?

Physically I feel great. I have since about a week after she was born. Emotionally.. I'm doing better then after my last two births but I can sense a little PP blues. I get a little weepy, but I don't feel depressed about much. I think I'm going to be a little weepy given the season, it's my moms first christmas back from Afghanistan so I am wishing like heck I could be 'home'. I'm also a little bummed because DH has said since we found out she was a girl she was our last baby. I feel extremely jipped. I'm only 20 years old I'm not sure I'm ready to be done with that chapter of my life. He keeps saying he doesn't want anymore children so I told him that BC is 100% on him after two years. We'll see how I feel then but right now I'm just not ready to give into that.

How is the rest of your family doing?

They are doing great. Big brother Gavin caught a cold, dislocated his elbow so we have been dealing with that mess. Trinton has surgery on the 29th. I'm a mess about that. Corey is doing great. He has gone to work 2 days since she was born and has been a great help.

Hope all the other mamas are doing great.