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04-19-2006, 09:53 AM
She bit me so very hard that there is blood in my bra. :eek: She was very tired and grumpy last night and I guess she didn't want the breast. Little booger! :rolleyes:

04-19-2006, 01:39 PM

Keep an eye out for any signs of plugged ducts/mastitis, etc...just in case the internal bruising messes with things...


04-21-2006, 10:32 PM
OUUUUUUUUCH! I am not looking forward to a mouth full of teeth. We only have one and it just popped through. He was biting really hard a few weeks ago, but that was a toothless bite. Hope everything heels ok for ya.

04-21-2006, 10:34 PM
Uh.... can we say OOOOOWWWWWWWEEEEEEEE???? :eek:

So not fun. *hugs* Hope you feel better soon and you're not being used as a chew toy! My little one still doesn't have teeth (she'll be a year in a couple weeks) and I so don't look forward to being bit.

04-22-2006, 11:49 PM
can I boycott L getting teeth ?? :lol:

04-23-2006, 09:57 AM
ouch!! I'm not looking forward to Madalyn getting teeth.

04-23-2006, 10:01 AM
Yikes! We've had teeth for a while, but no biting yet. Ouch!

04-23-2006, 11:30 AM
Did you scream? I mean, sure enough it HAD to hurt :eek:

I was bit ONCE(by each kid) and I howled because it HURT and they never did it on purpose again. A few weeks ago I had a bit of a bite because she tried talking with the nipple in her mouth...I told her in a stern voice NO we dont talk while booby is in the mouth....and I am hoping she doesnt do it again.

04-23-2006, 12:06 PM
My son bit me a few times and each time I would yelp because it hurt and then he would start screaming because it scared him.


04-23-2006, 01:06 PM
The very first time my oldest bit me, I was sitting right next to my mil. :eek: I SCREAMED and sat Gabbi down, hard. I think it totally freaked my mil out. Better to NOT be right beside mil's the first time a baby bites. LOL Thankfully Brendan doesn't seem to be much of a biter. He's done a couple of "tester" bites and I've pulled him in really close and he's let go. He now has four teeth so I keep waiting, but maybe he's over it. HOPEFULLY.

Hugs to you mama ...

04-24-2006, 12:43 AM
Ouch!! Hope you are feeling ok! :)

04-24-2006, 08:30 AM
I tried NOT to scream, but it was a good one. She now has two bottom teeth and seems to have settled down. Thank goodness. :)

04-24-2006, 08:58 AM
OMG do I know how you feel! Ashton has 8 teeth and for a while there he would bite me ALOT! Every now and then he will nip me when he tries to latch back on quick after being distracted. I bled so bad one time when he bit bit me and the slice was so deep I couldn't nurse him on that side till it healed. It was very sore for almost a week.

04-24-2006, 07:26 PM
:eek: OUCHIES! I've been bit several times, but nothing that bad. I can't imagine...