View Full Version : Feeling very hormonal these days

04-04-2008, 10:40 AM
I don't deal with stress very good, I usually turn to something that's not very healthy, like a martini or two... obviously not something I can do when I'm pregnant!

I've been maxed out these past few days. First with my BFF baby shower, I'm throwing it with another friend who obviously has no idea of what its like to have money problems. She's much more well off than I am and after all is said and done my BFF's baby shower is going to cost $400 split 2 ways... I just don't have $200 to throw around, I should have said something to begin with but I kept biting my tongue and now I'm in too deep to back out. If that's not bad enough, I somehow also got sucked into hosting the shower at my house, my tiny house. Its going to be an outside party however now it looks like its going to rain this weekend and if that's the case then its going to have to move inside. I don't know where tho, my house is really small! The other friend has a much larger house but didn't want to host because then she'd have to move her furniture to make room...oh wah! :banghead:

My kids, I love them dearly but they are driving me up a wall. My husband is trying to be there for me but work is very demanding. I have zero patience these days. Most days I want to lock myself in my bedroom and not come out, but that's not an option. I'm so tired of everyone pulling me in several directions and never getting any time for me.

Anyone else want to throw a pity party with me? :cry:

04-07-2008, 01:08 PM
Ok, dumb question. Why does a shower cost $400. I could see $40 for maybe some dollar store streamers and decorations. Can't you make it potluck? I guess I've never gone to a non potluck shower. I'm feeling for you. Goodluck with telling her.

04-08-2008, 11:24 AM
Let us know what happened about the shower! I'd be upset to be expected to pay that money. That's a lot of money to most of us! She should have allowed some compromise if she wanted you to pay for half of it, you know?

This is actually the least hormonal pregnancy. I do get weepy, but I'm a complete sap anyway. Hope you're feeling better!

04-08-2008, 01:49 PM
Ha! I just snapped a sassy comment (or maybe more like a dozen sassy comments and several nagging requests!) at my husband last night and hollered at our poor little pooch for barking this morning.

Then at work everyone was asking about where we are getting a crib and I responded that it will likely be IKEA and I got lambasted with comments about my cheapness ... would love to buy a solid wood heritage piece that would cost more than most furniture in my home BUT turns out that babies aren't so cheap and the budget actually has a limit!!

Anyways, I'm with ya on the 'need to take a nap and calm down' and 'gee, turns out I'm not a millionaire' feelings!!

Hang in there - I hope the friend for whom you threw the shower is extremely grateful and remember that kindness never goes un-returned in some fashion or another! :)

04-08-2008, 02:14 PM
we have Ikea nursery furniture and it's great. It's less expensive, but not cheap. Cheap means poor quality. It has stood up to 23 months of use for DS. We used it as a crib and then a toddler bed until this week when we bought him a big boy bed.

04-09-2008, 07:28 AM
Thanks for the review of the IKEA furniture - that's good to hear!