View Full Version : International Adoption Care Package Ideas Needed

06-11-2008, 06:14 AM
an IRL friend & her husband will be traveling to china in july to bring home their baby girl!!!!!!!!

i would like to send a little gift/care package with them since the baby shower has been planned for after they return. this is their first child and she is 18 months old.

for those of you who have traveled overseas for adoption - was there anything you wished you had brought with you that would be good to include?

I'm looking for ideas for mom & dad along with toddler, keeping in mind the regulations associated with the airlines.

06-11-2008, 08:02 AM
Diaper covers! In the event of stomach unrest, disposables are no match for intestinal demons. The amount of destroyed outfits and ick moments can be dramatically decreased with a diaper cover over the sposie.

For Mom and Dad, I would suggest a compact, well built journal and a pen that writes at all angles. I kept a journal on my trip and am so glad that I did. The little details fade so quickly from your memory when you see your beautiful child. I also was happy to have brought a smaller clip on water bottle so I didn't have to lug the large bottles around.

For an older toddler, a plane care package with snacks, stickers, play doh and other fun stuff I am sure would be appreciated. For any age, a gertie ball is fun thing to throw in for the stay in country. It packs small and is tough enough to stand up to aggressive play.

You are absolutely too sweet Mama. Your friends will so appreciate you thinking of them.