View Full Version : moving up!!!

06-25-2008, 03:31 PM
yeah i get to skip 4 whole weeks. it's like playing monopoly and collecting my $200:giggle:

I have been feeling movement for a week or two now and i'm measuring clear up to my belly button. I thought i was due 12/31 based off my lmp. but today the midwife said she thinks it was the previous month's period and that what i thought was a period was probably heavy implantation bleeding:headscratch:

so confusing, but they are ordering me an ultrasound just to be sure. she could only find one heartbeat in there so she doesn't think it's twins. Yipee:giggle2: i'm actually quite happy to not be expecting twins:blush: the thought scares me just a bit:blush:

so now i am due for 12-5-08 and i'll get to double check with the ultrasound in a few weeks!!