View Full Version : Will rash problems go away if he potty trains?

07-02-2008, 09:58 PM
After spending an hour trying to get my son to sleep tonight, I'm wondering if it's time. :banghead: He couldn't stop scratching his private areas...got so frustrated that he was crying. He's 27 months old now and we had the same problem last summer. It's not really diaper rash (it doesn't get red until he starts scratching away). I'm wondering if it's caused by the heat in his diapers. He's been in sposies until 3 weeks ago when I decided to start CDing him and my 4 month old. However, I'm wondering if cloth dipes are going to help the problem (I'm using pockets) or just prolong it until he's potty trained. I'm dreading the mad dash for the bathroom every time we're out. Ugh!

So my question is, will the rash/itchy problems go away when he stops wearing diapers, or will they still continue?

07-03-2008, 09:50 AM
Anything cotton next to his skin helps his skin breath better and therefore should not have many rashes at all. :goodvibes: I try not to use pul and even the nylon pull on covers during the day. We are wearing trainers and only a few are aio's, but most are pull up cotton thick undies. Good Luck in the potty learning stage mama. It's not so easy I know. :hugs: