View Full Version : is my son autistic???

07-19-2008, 11:24 PM
my mom has me freaked!

i was doing some reading on it after she mentioned it.
this is what he does... he flickes his toung in and out, he shakes his hands back and forth (i do too if im nervous), he sometimes ignores you, he seems totally oblivious to pain most of the time. he will bite and pinch, and when tyou say "ow" he will laugh at you. he hugs, kisses (its not easy to get, but i wasnt lovey (still am not) when i was younger either), he looks you in the eyes, he plays ind. he plays with other kids. he seems very bright...

what do you think?????????? to me, he sounds like a normal 1.5 year old kid, but now im worried.... please help ease my mind =(

07-19-2008, 11:36 PM
Honestly impossible to say over the computer. He sounds pretty normal boy to me, but it's hard to know. You could google it and do one of those questionaire things, but those don't really tell you much. If you think he is normal, chances are he is. If you notice things that worry you the best thing you can do is discuss them with your pedi and request an eval if you really think something is wrong. But lots of people see one or two behaviors and automatically think it is autism.

07-19-2008, 11:38 PM
I can't ease your mind because you are describing my daughter to a T. She hasn't been diagnosed with autism but she's seeing a developmental Ped here soon. As of now she's been diagnosed with SID and speech apraxia.

I CAN give you a big :hug: though.

07-19-2008, 11:46 PM
ok quick question about the pain thing. Does he feel pain? If he just doesn't care when you say ow, yep totally normal 1.5yr old boy thing, Tharen did it too, most do. They take a while to learn empathy. If he doesn't seem to feel pain that can be a sign something is up. Kearnan didn't feel pain (or hot or cold) for years. It sounds like nothing, but it is a pretty big problem. He would run flat out into walls, fall down, get right back up and keep going. He was playing outside drawing with sidewalk chalk and he rubbed it down till his knuckles were torn up and bloody and didn't feel a thing. He cut the bottom of his foot open on a toy and felt nothing, cried when I put a bandage on it because he hated the sensation of adhessives, couldn't care less about the wound.

07-20-2008, 12:30 AM
about the pain thing... when he was a few wks old i dropped a camera on his head (ACCIDENT!!!) and he cried for a second. I snipped his skin while doing his nails, he didnt notice. He will toch the hot stove, say hot" and touch again. he will fall on concrete, say "boo boo" but get up and run away. ye will walk into walls or door frames, or bang his head, and not care. he fell out of his crib and cried for a second, but it was only b./c we were doing a little CIO, he fell off the fouton in his room onto his head and didnt care. he will purposly bang his head into the wall and giggle. not hard enough to really hurt, but its weird. I dont see anything wrong, but im not a pro at that. I always say he cant feel pain tho. he DID walk onto hot pavement barefoot and FREAKED out. he fell onto the leg on a table (it was upside down (he pushed it over), cried for a second and was all better. he always has a skinned knee. he is obsessed with boo boos, but they donrt seem to hurt. like he got red pain on his finger and was freaking out , crying "boo boo", and i felt so bad b/c i couldnt get the paint off and he was so upset. he does have some empathy, b/c if i have a bandaid on he will say boo boo and kiss it. i had to wear a leg brace and when he first saw it, he freaked out and tried to tear it off, he was hysterical. "boo boo" and lots of kisses. if he bites, and i say "nick, kiss mommys boo boo", he will. what do you think???

07-20-2008, 07:36 AM
My ds used to bang his head on the sidewalk if we were outside and he went into a meltdown. It took over a year to get him to quit doint this. It was to the point he had sores on his forehead all the time. It was awful and I felt so bad. I'm just glad he doesn't do it any more.

Hippie Made
07-20-2008, 07:53 AM
Please go see a doctor, hun really, no one here can diagnose but them. My son has autism, and doesnt flick his tongue or move his arms. This is the only way you can set your mind at ease.

07-20-2008, 08:01 AM
I agree 100% with po!! That's the only real way to put your mind at ease.

07-20-2008, 08:13 AM
although it doesn't seem to me like he has it...if you are unsure i would FOR SURE get him checked out. My best friends 8 year old has autism. He is still mainstream, but i do notice a big enough difference between my two 8 year olds and him. The sooner you can get him diagnosed...should he have it...the better. You HAVE to have consistent and agressive therapy the soonest you possibly can with autism so that he has a better chance at staying mainstream as he grows up. Keep in mind...I am thinking he doesn't have it from just what you described, but i know of people who denied their son of having anything wrong and once a child turns 3 they won't get paid therapy. Do not take anything i say as expert information...just what i have learned from knowing people with autistic children.

my friends son didn't talk until he was 3. he would sit for hours and hours as an infant without the need for interaction. Being her first child she had no idea...she just figured having a baby was so easy....but she had her second child right after and she was the opposite. they had him diagnosed on time and has been having therapy ever since....

07-20-2008, 08:42 PM
Well it could be that he is just a tough little guy, that things just don't keep him down and he has a high pain tolerance (Tharen is kind of like that, you know he's hurt but he doesn't go on for very long, recovers quickly). Or it coud be a sensory issue. It's so hard to tell over the internet and at this age range too it can be hard. He is obviously talking, and that he is developing empathy is a very good sign. It may be nothing, it could be a bit of sensory stuff, or there is the chance that he is on the mild end of the spectrum. I think if you are worried it isn't going to hurt to have him checked out. The evals are really not that bad for the kids, it's the stress on the parents thats so hard. How do you feel about your ped/dr? Do you trust him/her? If so I would just take him in and talk with them about it. Let them know your concerns. You may hear it's totally normal and you can go on, or they may send you on for more eval.

07-24-2008, 05:34 PM
thanks guys! the pain issue... Ido think he can feel it, b/c he has gotten hurt b4 (nothing big, but you know). maybe it is just a high tolerance...i know I have a really high tolerance. i think his next dr appt, is when he turns 2 (oct) so i will talk to her then. I trust her, she was my pedi, and paid attn to some issues w/ me, had me see a specialist, and been working on it since (i have PCOS).
thank you guys =)