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08-07-2008, 03:38 PM
I have been around, but not really around for a while now. Sorry! I have so much catching up to do..unless you love me enough just to post here and tell me how everything is going and what you have gotten for the baby and things you still just HAVE to get :giggle2:

Does just about everyone know what they are having if they are chosing to find out?
Do you have names?
Is everyone feeling pretty okay?

I am still not feeling movement, but did rent a doppler for a few weeks and well the bean is in there, very active I am just not feeling any of it. I have had only 2 doc appts so far and have another in 2 weeks. Amazing that it just seems I have had no appts so far. I was suppose to go in for my Trip screen a few weeks ago and well chose not to go...the inaccuracy rate of that sucker made me not want to waste my gas.

So tell me what has been going on!!

08-07-2008, 03:54 PM
Welcome back! I was MIA for a while too. :goodvibes:

We have gotten some dipes for baby. A dozen NB Mutts (being made now), some OS Mutts, a dozen orange edged GMDs, some NB wool and another order of BG 3.0s. We also just bought a HUUUUUUUGE box of baby boy clothes from Rachael (gizmo516 on here) and it came yesterday. Super super cute. :giggle2:

We know and we're having a boy!
First name Jacob, still stuck on a middle name.
Feeling SO much better than my first trimester where I was sick enough to be bedridden for a few weeks.
Jacob is kicking constantly
Had an OB appt today where I was told the next one is my 1 hour glucose test and my last 4 week appt! I was in SHOCK when they told me that!!!!

08-07-2008, 04:25 PM
Hello, I am doing good.

I am expecting a baby BOY. I am so excited as this will give me one of each. His name will be Andrew Nicholas. He was a PITA for the U/S so I have to go back in and get his little heart looked at again. I feel like my belly is getting HUGE. We are preparing our 3 year old for the baby by talking about him.

I have the oddest stash started right now. I have some
Fuzzi Buns that are girly (great deal on craigslist). And I am getting some small AIOs off here for a good price. I have some fitteds but no covers. Getting hubby on board with different sizes is the hardest part right now.

08-07-2008, 06:58 PM
Welcome back! We're doing great here too! We didn't find out the gender this time around, but we did see that the baby is doing great. It's kicking all the time too so that's always comforting! Let's see... I was just looking through Target trying to come up with some things we need to get and other than a double stroller and gas drops I can't think of anything. It's sad to not HAVE to shop this time around. We've started our newborn stash and I think other than me having to make a couple of things, we're set.

When do they usually do the glucose test? I can't remember. I saw the doc today and he didn't mention it for next time. I thought most people went until 36 weeks going to the doc's every 4 weeks. Is that wrong? Am I forgetting? My brain feels like mush!

08-08-2008, 04:22 PM
Welcome back!

I'm doing great. Baby boy is kicking all time time. Makes my belly jump. DS1 LOVES feeling baby kick.

I have a bunch of 11 nb dipes now (mutts, sandys) 2 smalls (peewells) and 12 OS fitteds, a few covers and some wool. Want to get a bunch more wool knit up in the next few months. I also have some prefolds, but need to get them out and see what sizes I have.

I see the midwife again next Friday. I don't think I'm going to do the glucose test. I feel great. Am not gaining too fast. I do have to find another midwife though as we are moving next weekend!