View Full Version : Your favorite waterproof trainers

01-13-2009, 06:23 AM
What are your favorite waterproof trainers? My DD is just starting to PL and I'm going to be switching from pull-ups to cloth as a kind of in-between before panties (we've tried going straight to panties and she's just not there yet). I want something that look as much like panties as possible, but that will still hold pee when we're out. Any ideas? I have a couple Blueberry trainers and a Daisy Doodles already. The BBs are nice, but really poufy and I've had trouble with the DD not holding a big pee.

I've looked at Snap-Ez, Happy Heiny's, Cuddlebug's, but I'm just not sure what to buy (and at nearly $20 a pair, I don't want to order the wrong thing!). Thanks for any help.