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01-30-2009, 10:13 AM
*Please update when/if you find out what you're having. If you're having a surprise, update and let me know so we can keep track :)*

:preggo: July Buddha Bellies :preggo:

Mhr1406 7/3/09 18w
sarahflm 7/3/09 18w
Tikki026 7/3/09 18w

lemon parade 7/4/09 17w6d *boy*
MeliMom22 7/4/09 17w6d
USMCd'ingMamma 7/4/09 17w6d *boy*
kristinc 7/4/09 9w6d

MommyShannon 7/5/09 17w5d
mom2~3offspring 7/5/09 17w5d*boy*
beccaboo0713 7/5/09 17w5d

Johnnabonna 7/6/09 17w4d
wendya432 7/6/09 17w4d

MommyL 7/7/09 17w3d
Monkeytaylz 7/7/09 17w3d

mrs_frenchie 7/8/09 17w2d

HeavenlyHold 7/9/09 17w1d
Kalle 7/9/09 17w1d

kristina 7/10/09 17w
PaperPrincess 7/10/09 17w
HeidiMarie 7/10/09 17w

GavinsMommy 7/11/09 16w6d
ivparker 7/11/09 16w6d

eirbjorn 7/12/09 16w5d
spazzers 7/12/09 16w5d

niknak 7/13/09 16w4d
Angel3167 7/13/09 16w4d *girl*
Charmaine 7/13/09 16w4d
fergiesgirl86 7/13/09 16w4d

slingmama4 7/15/09 16w2d *surprise*
ajane 7/15/09 16w2d
mikahsmomma 7/15/09 16w2d
jocanas 07/15/09 16w2d

Lisamomof5 7/17/09 16w
Fallon 7/17/09 16w
yunsta 7/17/09 16w
Mommy2JJ 7/17/09 16w
NoelleNichelle 7/17/09 16w

BleedingBlack 7/18/09 15w6d
radmamma 7/18/09 15w6d

goldenleo816 7/19/09 15w5d

Ballardcat 7/20/09 15w4d
SnapDragonDiapers 7/20/09 15w4d *surprise*

Lilymomma 7/21/09 15w3d
carrie00019 7/21/09 15w3d
drabo 7/21/09 15w3d

tesslousie 7/23/09 15w1d

brookesmama 7/24/09 15w

Mommyz 7/25/09 14w6d
Amydiane 7/25/09 14w6d
brookesmama 7/25/09 14w6d
shutterbug518 7/25/09 14w6d
ladybugg423 7/25/09 14w6d
jenncatsmeow 7/25/09 14w6d *surprise*

Valeriepdx 7/26/09 14w5d
ephah 7/26/09 14w5d

Nanner99 7/28/09 14w3d

me_just_me 7/30/09 14w1d
husker416 7/30/09 14w1d
jsnichols1 7/30/09 14w1d

my2monkeys 7/31/09 14w
blondeviolin 7/31/09 14w

01-30-2009, 01:30 PM
I'll post a reply here, since no one else has yet. :)

Feeling really good now....although I am now starting to have trouble getting up off of the couch without rolling to the side first...lol!

Yesterday, while dd was at her daddy's I started in making my small stash of diapers for when this little one grows out of the NB stuff. I currently have 24 fitted diaper cuts ready to start assembling.

Luckily, I have awhile to get these done....because I don't often have sewing time for just my stuff.

01-30-2009, 04:22 PM
You're soo ahead of the game, Jennifer!

I scored some more NB fitted off of FSOT this morning, so that made me happy.

DS and I went out running errands today, then came home took the dog for a walk and played at the park. I'm exhausted, but DS should go to bed early tonight.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!

01-30-2009, 04:29 PM
I just noticed we're the only ones having a girl so far lol. I am feeling kind of pueny. My lower stomach/uterus are just kind of hurts and is hard. Hard all the time too. Prob just me noticing or something. I better go re sew the edge of my wipes that ALL came undone after washing :banghead: I am hoping to get a snap pliers and some more fabric so I can make some mama cloth for me and *maybe* some dipes for the newest one. AH where is that money tree?