View Full Version : A question for crunchy StepMoms?

02-06-2009, 06:21 AM
I'm double posting this - I hope that's not against the rules! :blush: - I also posted in the parenting forum, but I wasn't sure which place would attract the right kind of attention. :) .....

Do you have any tricks to share with a newbie? I'm getting more and more crunchy all the time, but one thing that has me stumped is how to do some things without my stepkids getting a) culture shock and b) stuck in the middle.

Cloth diapers were pretty easy, sd doesn't care if she's in a cloth diaper or sposie pull-up. I've been thinking I should get her some cloth trainers though because her older brother will sometimes make a comment like, "oh, you get to wear a pull-up now!?!" He's trying to be encouraging, I think, along the lines of big girls wear pull-ups and baby's wear diapers. (Which I have NEVER said!) But I don't want her to think we use cloth because she's a baby! and not good enough/big enough to wear a sposie pull-up.... anyway....

For all the crunchy we are - their "other family" is the COMPLETE opposite. (and they are very judgmental) But I still want the freedom to parent the way I want to! Not be forced to live by their standards. We have our own bio dd too and her life shouldn't be completely dictated by the other fam's style of living, right?

--- Some things I want to incorporate are ---
* Family Cloth (big problem here!),
* less sugar consumption (sometimes I worry that they are going thru sugar-withdrawl every other weekend!)
* no tv
* less (to no for dd) computer games
* no 'poo :blush: (no shampoo for dd - I know this won't work with the others because we just don't have them enough. But it's still a lifestyle question. I don't want dd to get the short end of the stick in a few years when they realize "EEEW, you don't use shampoooooo!?!??)
* un-material-ism (they have NO concept of money. and the other fam is TERRIBLE with it. imo)

So how do I keep it balanced? Any advice out there? :headscratch: