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05-17-2006, 09:05 PM
I just started researching cloth diapering a week ago. I cannot believe I don't know anyone who cloth diapers their babies. I had no idea what was out there on the market in cloth diapers and I am ashamed that I haven't thought to look into this sooner. I have a 22 month old and I'm 5 months pregnant. I am SO excited about this and I can't wait to get started! I just bought my first 2 cloth diapers on ebay yesturday before I found out about diaperswappers. We are full time evangelists and we stay on a very tight bugget. My husband started working an extra job recently to help us out, but has had to take time off to recover from two surgeries.
Here's my question: I want to start saving money on diapers as soon as possible but I don't have much money to spend. As I was doing dishes I began to brain storm on how to get the money to do this. I have no diapers to sell or swap but I have a large stash of Scrapbook 3D Jolee's, Paper Bliss and Card Connection stickers that I have been collecting for Five years or more. They are brand new and still in their origional packages worth on average of 3 to 5 dollars a piece that I could sell or trade for less than that to purchase diapers with. It's a hobby I used to enjoy but just don't have the time to do since becoming a mommy. I've tried to read up on the rules on this but still felt like I'd better understand what my options were if I asked for advice. I do have 100% possitive feedback with ebay, but I just joined diaperswappers today. If it would be against your rules I can try to go through the process of selling everything through ebay but it just seemed like it might be something someone here would be interested in swapping for and easier and faster for me. I'm interested in trying EUC FB FF and HH diapers. Everyone seems to really have good things to say about them.
Thank you everyone!! I really appreciate the time you take to advise me on this stuff and get me started cloth diapering!
God Bless, Elizabeth
Mommy to Aliyah 22 months
... and new baby coming in Sept.

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Welcome and congrats on the baby your going to have.

There are some forums for odds and ends in For Sale or Trade. You can always try to sell stuff there. Prefolds and a cover like Proraps is going to be your cheapest option and I have used those for my main system for quite some time. If you find a diaper you like on FSOT you can always see if the seller is willing to do a trade.

Great to have you with us.

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Free for shipping is going to be a great place to keep you eyes on! From time to time mamas let go of dipes for just the cost of shipping! They go fast, so you really have to be watching!! :D

A great place to list your scrapbooking stuff is in the crafts section... you can put for sale or trade in the title too!

A great way to save money with pockets is to use the microfiber towels from walmart, target, sams (best price & largest & you can shop there without a membership but have to pay a 15% upcharge)... so at sams this makes the towels, which folded into thirds are equal to a large sewn insert, a very economical choice!

Have fun watching for deals & getting started with cloth diapering! :D

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:welcome: this is such an phenominal group of mamas!! every one is so helpful

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:welcome: I would try listing your items in the craft section under FSOT. You could also make a post under the ISO section with what you are looking for and what you have to trade.

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:wave: :DiaperSwappersRocks

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:DiaperSwappersRocks Welcome! It is a VERY addicting place! :giggle:

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Welcome! cd'ing is GREAT!!!

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I went to sams today and got 25 microterry towels for less than $12. They are so nice, I can't believe how soft they are-and the perfect size for a insert! Thank you so much for the great advice!!! My first two diapers are being mailed this weekend and I'm so excited! I can't believe how much fun I'm having reading everyones posts and searching for some diaper deals. I'm even considering learning to sew some diapers too! By the way, I LOVE your wipes and wet bags!! Do you sell them all the time? I would LOVE to get some soon. But I probably should get some diapers first...lol Once I get enough diapers to get me going I'll be hunting you down in a few weeks or so. Thanks again and God Bless, Elizabeth

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