View Full Version : Anything i can make using theses items?

04-09-2009, 08:50 PM
Okay ladies i have a couple items in my fridge that i dont know what to do with..help me firgure out a idea.

So i have

3 garlic
1 large onion
Red pepper

any ideas on what i should do with them..or how i could maybe use them with my easter dinner.We are having a turkey and mashed potatos (butter,gravy)

04-10-2009, 12:43 AM
Why not sautee' some onion and garlic in (my choice is butter) throw the peas and corn in after removing it from the heat, mix it all up, let it set while your rice is cooking, once your rice is done, add salt, pepper 1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup butter and your veggie mix. Stir it all up and taste! Sounds yummy to me. If you'd like you could also sautee your pepper, for a bolder taste.
Good luck!

04-10-2009, 12:20 PM
Kind of like above post said. I would make a side dish with it. Saute the onion, garlic, pepper in butter- toss in the corn- mix in cooked rice- add milk, butter and cheese and bake- peas would have to go somewhere else.

04-10-2009, 03:53 PM
Okay so i tried the first suggestion...and wow it was REALLY good!!

04-10-2009, 05:28 PM
do you have a few bay leaves and some cayanne pepper...you can make some veggie jumbalaya!!! yummy!!!

04-10-2009, 05:32 PM
Sounds Like Vegerian FRIED Rice to me... YUM