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Is it okay if I post about my FSOT threads or items for sale in other forums?
No. We ask that members do not use non-FSOT forums (such as Diaper Chatter, Off Topic Discussion, etc) for FSOT related posts. Posts asking that other members buy/look at your FSOT listings, posting what you have listed, etc will be removed (and may result in a warning or infraction).

FSOT forums and listing in them is a free service offered by DS. Thousands of posts are made each day - allowing such posts would overwhelm the forums with un-related content.

If someone posts asking to be spammed with certain products, can I suggest my own?
Yes, we just ask that you keep it to a short and sweet suggestion of a product, not an advertisement. If you need to discuss it further with another member (answer questions, etc), please do through the private message system or email.

As a WAHM, what limits are there on what I can post about in Craft Chat?
You are more than welcome to show off items you have made for PERSONAL use. Items similar to what you sell in your business (or intend to sell) are allowed to be shown but you must not post anything about where they will be stocked or sold or the fact that they are made to be sold..


If you make and sell cloth diapers, feel free to share and post about them but not that they are for a store stocking.

If someone asks "wow, do you make those to sell?" or anything else along those lines please take it to pm's because posting the answer in craft show and tell or craft chat is spam.

This rule was put in place to maintain the integrity of the Craft Chat forum and to keep it SPAM free (it was previously abused and overwhelmed with SPAM).

Can I spam my Co-op?
Advertising your co-op on diaperswappers is not allowed since DiaperSwappers cannot be held liable for co-ops or persons responsible for co-ops that do not take place on this board we require you to refrain from posting or starting a thread about it. The only exception being if someone asks for co-op spam.

I have some coupon info/a giveaway/a free lotto/info on bargains/etc. on my blog. Can I link to it in my posts?
If you have any contests, coupons, giveaways, etc. that you'd like to share info on, you may only do so if all the information is contained within a post here on Diaper Swappers. If users are required to visit your blog to take advantage of the bargain or get info on it, or to make a contest/lotto entry, etc., that is spam and is not allowed. You may keep a link to your blog in your signature, but directing people to your signature link is also spam.

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