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WAHM Group

If your signature is found to be too long, a member of the Mod Team may remove any large images, adjust text size or anything else, without notice, to bring your signature within the limits stated below.


Private Messaging

Strike/Banning Policy
Strike/Banning Policy

We have a Rules Page and a FAQs section; everyone is encouraged to read this every so often because as problems occur, changes need to be made (with or without notice). Our policy applies to the entire board in general as well as specific areas such as the WAHM forums or hosting Co-ops.

Keep in mind; we have created the rules not to limit our members, but to protect our active members who just want a fun drama free zone to hang out and buy/sell/trade in confidence.

You get one warning PERIOD before strikes are given out. When you receive a warning for breaking any rule on DS you are expected to read through the remainder of the Rules and FAQs on DS and familiarize yourself with them so that you don't break any other rules. You will not get a warning for your signature, a warning for spam, etc. Just one warning, then the strikes begin

First Warning - no action taken.

Diaper Swappers utilizes a "3 Strikes" policy to help maintain a clean and positive atmosphere.

Violations that count as a strike:
1. Any hateful, rude, racist, derogatory, foul language (spelled correctly or not, this is a family friendly community), insulting, or otherwise mean content (pictures, blinkies, avatars)
2. The use of your signature, posts, or avatar to promote competing boards (other mama-targeted forums). Additonally, links to sites containing non family friendly content are unnacceptable. Should you have questions about whether something falls in our outside of this rule, PM Lee or Juan for permission/clarification. Decisions are left to the sole discretion of the site owner and mods.
3. Using letters or symbols as a code not understood by the general public
4. Posting one-liners (abrasive sayings), pictures (picture of person with head up their rear end), or smilies (like banging head against the wall) in threads for the sole purpose of further fueling the fire in a hot topic
5. Posting a thread saying, "Hey, look at my siggy" in order to promote your store or product or service
6. Quoting private messages on the forum. Private messages are private.
7. Linking to a FSOT post regarding a negative/neutral feedback left for you
8. Using a slogan, sign, etc that indicates membership in an elitist clique or group: no cliques please
9. Unsolicited purchasing opportunities in thread responses. It is acceptable to link to your store or business in your sig. You just can't "promote" it outside of that.
10. Bashing the site staff or DS as an entity (you can share you opinion in a respectful way, but "DS stinks" will NOT be acceptable). Concerns about the rules, or the manner in which the site is run should be addressed in ask the pros or in a PM to Lee or Juan.
11. Outing yourself either in transaction and feedback or in another forum on DS(outing is making it known who the second person in a transaction is, whether it be yourself or a friend)

Penalties at a Glance
1. 3 signature violations and you permanently lose your signature space, or if deemed appropriate, a permanent ban
2. 3 avatar violations and you permanently lose your avatar space, or if deemed appropriate, a permanent ban
3. 3 violations mentioning competing boards and you permanently lose your PM ability, or if deemed appropriate, a permanent ban
4. 3 spam violations and you are temp banned for 1 month, or if deemed appropriate, a permanent ban
In the event that a situation warrants a more severe action on the part of the mod team, we reserve the right to bypass the warning system set above.

ISO And FSOT Forums

Co-op Forum
Due to some recent co-ops gone awry, our co-op guidelines have been revamped to try and make hosting and participating in co-ops safer and a little less stressful for all involved.

If you have previously successfully hosted a co-op, while you will more than likely be approved without any trouble at all, you will still need to go through the same approval process required of all hosts though.

Below are the requirements and process for being approved to co-host a co-op (a moderator will silently co-host every co-op)....

- Before applying you must have 2000 posts. If it seems you have gotten these posts in a relatively short period of time, we may also take length of membership into consideration.

- Excellent feedback here at DS. If you have feedback anywhere else - eBay, TBW, MDC, etc - please include that as well.

- Apply to the Co-op Hosts Group through your cp (you can read about this in the faqs). You must provide in your request the following information

First & Last Name
Physical Address
Mailing Address
City, State, Zip
Phone Number
Feedback Links

ALL information will be kept confidential and only used in extreme situations such as having an admin or mod contact you, or should something go wrong, the authorities. Your information will not be given out to anyone other than members of the Mod Team and the authorities if necessary.

- A post card will be mailed to you to verify your address. You'll need to return this post card to the sender (member of the Mod Team).

- You will be contacted by phone by a member of the Mod Team as well so that we can verify your phone number.

After all of this is completed, you will be approved to the Co-op Host group. Considering the time involved in the process, we reccommend NOT putting this off until last minute. If you are thinking about hosting a co-op in the near future, please start this process ASAP. The Mod Team is very busy, we will not be able to rush to meet the demands of any particular co-ops.

This process will be repeated periodically to keep our records up to date.

Once you are approved and ready to start a co-op, you must follow these guidelines. Failure to follow them could result in being denied access to the Co-op Host group.

- You must have approval from the wholesaler/manufacturer to run a co-op.

- You must keep all information neatly organized and readily available should it need to be handed over to a mod. Spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel are excellent for this. If you don't have Excel or could use other organizational tips for co-ops, we encourage you to ask.

Additionally, the following guidelines will be in effect for the co-ops in general.

The number of co-ops running at any given time will be limited. However this limit will vary - it will depend on how complicated the current co-ops are, how busy the designated co-op moderators are as well as other factors.

Keep in mind you may be told you cannot host a co-op at the time and may be asked to wait. Please don't take this personal. This is only to insure that large co-ops can be monitored before getting out of hand.

We urge ANY member interested in hosting a co-op to evaulate their time and the events going on in their life. Running co-ops late in pregnancy, near the time of a move, in a time of financial or family trouble, etc is generally a very bad idea. If you unexpectedly find yourself in such a situation, we urge you to pass on the time and energy intensive responsibilities (such as sorting and shipping) to your co-host. Nobody likes the feeling of having to "give-up" or pass on their responsibilities to another person, but when taking on the task of dealing with other participants money, its best to put your feelings aside and do what will give the particpants a sense of security.

Swap Forum

Spam is self promotion of any kind (personal sites, blogs, forums, businesses, FSOT listings, etc)

Unless it is contained within the authorized forums (WAHM) it is considered SPAM and unacceptable.

If you are unsure of whether or not something constitutes SPAM, feel free to PM a member of the mod team for clarification.

How to Buy/Sell on DS
Please copy/paste this link in your browser window.

User Maintenance
This section contains lots of information about maintaining your own user profile, avatars and browsing options etc.

General Forum Usage

Reading and Posting Messages

How do I join Opt In Forums??

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