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Can I host a co-op for my own business?
This is not allowed. You may however add your business to the list of businesses who do co-ops (in the stickied thread at the top of the co-op forum).

Why is the post requirement so high?
This is for the safety of our members in general. If you do not have enough posts and you have a great co-op idea, please present it to a member who meets the requirements to get the co-op started.

Why can't I start a thread in the co-op forum?
Threads are moderated and placed in a queue so that new co-ops can be moderated.

Members should be able to freely reply. If you are having trouble replying, please contact an admin or mod.

Do I need approval from the company?
Yes, you must have approval from the company to host the co-op. This approval needs to come from the manufacturer/wholesaler of the product - not from a retailer.

You will need to forward your approval confirmation to a mod before you may officially start your co-op.

IF this is a co-op that is run on a regular basis such as Burt's Bees, there is no need to submit confirmation of approval.

What are the requirements to participate in a co-op?
To be approved to participate in the co-op forum, you must have a minimum of 50 posts AND 10 positive iTrader ratings.

Can the host charge a fee?
Hosts must agree to not make a profit off of co-ops. It is however perfectly ok to charge $1-$2 per order to cover materials such as tape, paper, printer ink, etc. This fee should be disclosed at the start of the co-op. This is a typical fee amount, it may vary based on the item being co-op'd.

If a host does not disclose all information/fees at the beginning of the co-op, they may lose their privilege to host co-ops.

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