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What is the ISO forum?
The ISO forum is a place for FSOT badge holders to list items that they are In Search Of (ISO). Members can create one active thread at a time in this area.

Who can post an ISO?
Members with a FSOT badge can create ISO threads.

What do I do once I find my item(s)?
If you have started a thread for a specific item and you have found what you were ISO, please go back and put DELETE at the top of your thread using the edit button or as the last post. Please use the word DELETE so it comes up in a quick search for us to move to sold/traded/gone.

Can I sell my FSOT item Auction style on DS?
No, we do not allow items to be sold auction style on DS. Even if it is carried out via pm. All items listed on FSOT must contain a set price. We allow Items to be listed with OBO ONLY if the best offer would be less than the original asking price

Do I have to put pictures in my FSOT post?
It is not a rule that you must include pictures in your FSOT post, but it is recommended. This adds a level of trust that you actually have the diapers and eliminates a lot of the guesswork on the condition of the diapers. Please try to list the most recent pictures as possible so that condition is current.

Do I have to have a minimum amount of posts to list on FSOT?
At the moment DS FSOT does not have a minimum post count to list on it. Although we do encourage people to post and get to know others a little before jumping into the FSOT scene it isn't a requirement. This is under review and could change at any moment to more strict requirements

What if someone is misrepresenting an item?
If you feel that someone is misrepresenting an item DO NOT post to thread. You can send the seller a friendly pm if you wish or report the post with an explanation to the Mod team.

What do all these letters mean? (FSOT, OBO, EUC, etc.)
In the world of online message boards there are tons of abbreviations.

One of our members has taken the time to create a VERY helpful thread that you can view here

Can I sell coupons or Formula checks on DS?
No, most coupons and formula checks state on them that they hold no cash value. They are given out for free...spread the love. These are only allowed to be given away FFS

What is Diaper Swappers' policy on price inflation?
As a courtesy, we ask that members posting on FSOT not ask exorbitant prices for their items. We also expect buyers to make informed buying decisions by fully researching items before purchasing.

If there is a FSOT with questionable prices that appears to be a scam please report the post to the Mod team.

If I have an issue with someone's FSOT post, can I tell them?
If you feel the need to tell someone that you have an issue with their FSOT post, it must be done through private messages or email. We do not allow people to post on threads about stuff like this so that sellers are having to defend themselves in their own post.

Can I cross post my FSOT items?
You can post a link to a thread in a post that has a full description of the items being sold, if you have it listed somewhere else on DS but all posts with only links will be removed.

How many times can I bump my FSOT post?
You may bump your FSOT post every 12 hours any more than that is not acceptable.

Can I search for people to buy my FSOT items in my ISO thread?
No, the ISO forum is for items you're looking for, not an advertisement for items you're selling.

What if I have a question on what price to ask for an item.
Pricing questions are discouraged, because it is hard to do without Spamming your item. But if you absolutely need help pricing your items it is only allowed in transaction and feedback and can't include any great details like a FSOT post would.

Why was my ISO removed?
An ISO threads will may be removed if:
-it was created by a member without a FSOT badge.
-it was specifically created to request paypal or donations.
-it has not been active for 30 days.

If you have any problems or questions regarding an ISO thread please report the thread using the red triangle button in the bottom left hand side of your post.

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