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How many posts do I need to be able to send a Private Message?
You will need a total of 6 posts to be able to send a Private Message. We have done this so as to prevent postbots and spammers from sending mass Private Messages. Posting is very easy!

Start a thread in the Introductions Forum - tell us about yourself. Join a conversation in the Off Topic where many of our members hang out. There are so many places to contribute a post that 6 posts will come and go very quickly!

Can I find out if someone received/read my PM?

You have the option to request a "read receipt" when sending a PM.

When composing your PM, below the input box are options with checkboxes. By default, "Request a read receipt for this message" is not checked. You can choose to check only when you want to, or under "Edit Options" on the left, you can choose to have it checked by default.

To track whether or not your PMs have been read, click on "Track Messages" on the left.

Is there a limit to how many PM's I can have?
Yes, every member is lmited to 100 private messages total. Messages saved in folders (i.e. sent) do count towards your total, so be sure to clear those out every so often as well.

Is there a way I can save my messages once I reach the limit?

Yes, when you first go into your CP (control panel), just below the box with your messages are options for downloading messages.

If you have Excel, CSV might be a good option - it will allow you to import it in organized columns. If you do not, Text will work for all.

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