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How do I get approved?
Effective 7/12/2016 : If you are approved for a FSOT badge you will also have access to the WAHM group.

Approval to the FSOT isn't instant, members of the Mod Team manually approve requests, so please be patient.

The moderation team has the right to remove listings that do not meet the guidlelines of our site. If you are unsure if your item meets our guidelines, please contact a moderator.

Click here to find out how to apply for the FSOT badge.

How many posts do I need to join the group?
To become a member of the WAHM Group, you need to have 60 posts in non-FSOT areas of the forum and to have been a member for 60 days AND have 5 positive iTrader feedback or 5 positive verifiable feedback on another site within the last 360 days.

If it appears your only posts are in the WAHM area, we may ask you to show more participation, or remove you from the group. You may also be removed from the group for inactivity across the forums. Inactivity is defined as making fewer than 45 posts in a calendar year.

What am I allowed to sell?
Handcrafted / Retail
This forum is for handcrafted items only. It is our way of supporting the "little guy". Handcrafting WAHMs do not benefit from well known names the way retailers often do.

Ready To Ship / Custom
Most items sold in this section are ready to ship. Customs are allowed though with some restrictions.
With customs, all options and necessary info must be included in your FS (for sale) thread. "Customs" with an invitation to an online store to choose options or finish the transaction is simply spam.

My child/mother/neighbor makes stuff and wants me to sell it on here. Can I do this?
Only items made personally by you may be sold in your WAHM Wares thread. If your neighbor/cousin/son/daughter/etc. has items that you think will sell, they will need to have their own Diaper Swappers account and meet the requirements for joining the WAHM Group.

If I make something to sell or trade can I only list it in the WAHM forum?
Yes, anything made with the intention of sale or trade must be listed in the WAHM forum.

What is considered "inactivity"?
Typically, a member must post in any given two week time period. Posts in the WAHM or the FSOT sections do not count. Spam of your product when someone asks for spam does not count

However, a member of the Mod Team may make a judgment call. Being part of the WAHM Group is a privilege and if it seems you are using DS only for the WAHM section (for example, posting ONE post every two weeks only), you may be removed from the group.
Inactivity is also defined as making less then 45 posts in a calendar year.

It seems I have been removed from the group, can I get back in?
If you no longer have WAHM Group privileges, it could be due to inactivity across the forums.

You are welcome to request approval again. Try to show more particpation. If you are removed again for inactivity, you may be asked to show more participation before getting approved again.

If you feel this is not the reason, please contact a member of the Mod Team so that we can look into it.

I don't really have a business, am I consdiered a "WAHM"?
If you make anything specifically for the purpose of sale or trade, that constitutes being a WAHM.

Am I allowed to have multiple threads running at one time?
For Sale Threads...
Only 1 thread per WAHM is allowed. Everything you sell must be included in your thread. This is to keep the forums from becoming cluttered.

Only ONE announcement thread per MEMBER (w/the exception of congos, see below) - if you have multiple businesses, you must list them together in one thread or alternate. Please be curteous and try to reuse your thread with edits as much as possible (saves the Mod Team a little work). If you need to start a fresh thread, simply mark the old one for deletion by changing the subject line.

Congo exception - ONE announcement thread per congo. Remember, this is in conjunction with the rule above. If you have a business (or 2 or 3) AND you are part of a congo, you still may only have one thread running. If you choose to use your one thread for the announcement, we ask that other congo members not post anymore congo announcements.

Keep in mind, we set these rules to protect you more than to limit you. If our 150+ members of the WAHM group all posted 3 or 4 threads, it would get overcrowded and spammy real quick.

How will buyers get in touch with me if they are not approved?
All users (even unregistered users) may view and read all of the threads in the WAHM Wares, Product Testing & Announcements forums.
. Registered users are allowed to reply to topics, but not start them. So, they can either simply reply to your thread or use any other form of communication provided.

I have negative feedback, will that affect me getting into WAHM wares?
Anyone with excessive negative feedback ratings will not be allowed in the DS WAHM group.
Anyone with 2 or more negative feedback ratings or mutually withdrawn feedbacks ratings will not be allowed in the WAHM group. Admins can make exceptions on extreme cases, but this is completely under the admin team's discretion.

I have a wholesale account for X product (or I am a direct seller for Y company) and would like to sell those items at retail here. Can I do that?
This can only be done in the WAHM Announcements forum, with limitations. You may post pictures/prices/descriptions of no more than 5 items within your thread. You may also post a link to your web site if you have one (and the link may go in your signature as well). If you do not have a web site but have more than 5 different items to sell, you may post that you have more options available and invite people to PM you for more info. Also remember that the Announcements forum has a limit of one thread per user.

I used to have a wholesale account for X product (or I used to be a direct seller for Y company) and want to clearance out my remaining inventory at a significant discount. Where can I do that?
This is something that also can only be done in the WAHM Announcements forum. There is no set limit on how many clearance items can be listed in your thread, but use your good judgment on how long to make your post. We request that you post the normal retail price along with the clearance price. If you wish to sell out your remaining inventory at regular retail price, then you need to follow the guidelines for current wholesalers/direct sellers.

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