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What are the requirements to host a swap?
You must meet the following requirements to be a swap host:
  • Post requirement - 1000
  • Membership- 3 months
  • Feedback requirement - minimum of 10 Positive feedback in at least two places (DS, eBay,, Diaper Pin, MDC, etc)
  • FSOT Badge

If you are running a swap where everyone ships the items to you and then you turn around and ship the items to the recipients, the guidelines are the same as the co-op guidelines. You also need to go through the same approval process, please contact the moderator of the forum to help you.

Please be aware that there are recurring swaps every month and there are people who host those swaps month after month. If you would like to run a recurring swap please contact the member who normally runs it for permission.

Why is the post requirement so high?
This is for the safety of our members in general. If you do not have enough posts and you have a great swap idea, please partner up with a member who meets the requirements to get the swap started.

What are the responsibilities of the person running the swap?
The person running the swap needs to-
  • Partner everyone up
  • Make sure the partners are getting like items
  • Keep track of when packages are shipped
  • Collect delivery confirmation numbers
  • Leave feedback in the Swap Feedback Forum for those who do not follow through and contact the moderator in charge of the forum with the members name

How many swaps can a hostess run at one time?
We ask that a swap hostess only run two swaps (or less) at any given time. Similar swaps can be clumped together. There is no need for a mama craft swap, kids craft swap, husband craft swap, ETC. They can be lumped together into one craft swap.

What are the requirements to participate in a swap?
To participate you must meet the following requirements:
  • Post requirement - 500
  • Membership - 3 Months
  • Feedback requirement - minimum of 10 Positive feedback in at least two places (DS, eBay,, Diaper Pin, MDC, etc)
  • FSOT Badge

*If you simply do not have feedback anywhere but here (because you are so loyal to DS and love us so much), with a post count of 1000 and good DS feedback, at the discretion of the hostess, you may participate.

How should packages be shipped?
All swap packages must have Delivery Confirmation and be mailed within with the proper time frames. The swap host will let you know when items need to be mailed.

If you do not live in the U.S., please work out the delivery confirmation and other shipping issues with the swap host ahead of time.

I have negative feedback, will that effect me getting into swaps?
Anyone with excessive negative feedback ratings will not be allowed in the DS swap group. Anyone with 2 or more negative feedback ratings or mutually withdrawn feedbacks ratings will not be allowed in the swap group. Admins can make exceptions on extreme cases, but this is completely under the admin team's discretion.

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