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MotherMoonPads 08-22-2012 12:24 PM

MotherMoonPads mama cloth pads -FREE pantyliner, FREE Wetbag, FREE Shipping!
Started a new thread as the title was no longer changing :goodvibes:

MotherMoonPads offers high quality, affordable reusable cloth menstrual pads designed to help your body and your bank book for years to come!

MotherMoonPads were designed by myself, Denelle, in October of 2008. Since then I have created over 20,000 reusable cloth menstrual pads (all handmade, by myself, in my in home studio)!

Want a FREE imperfect pad with your purchase? While supplies last, you can have one! See this listing:

MotherMoonPads may be found at:

I am currently CLOSED to customs and I am not offering co-ops (customs will re-open early March!). I am offering some really awesome sets that all feature FREE US shipping
Spend $50 or more there will be a free pantyliner included.
Spend $100 or more and there will be a free small wetbag included, big enough to fit 1-2 pads and keep in your purse!
NO COUPON CODES NECESSARY! Freebies will be chosen by me, but I promise they will be pretty.

MotherMoonPads 08-22-2012 12:25 PM

MotherMoonPads Buyers Guide
Congratulations on the decision to try out, or make the switch to mama cloth! It is a decision that your body and pocketbook will thank you for over time. Our quality, handmade reusable cloth menstrual pads are designed to last you for years to come!

What length should I choose?

MotherMoonPads reusable cloth menstrual pads come in lengths from 6 inches to 14 inches. Most women prefer 8 and 10 inch pads, but this is truly personal preference. The best way to figure out what length of reusable cloth menstrual pad you will need is to measure the disposable pads that you currently own.

When in doubt, it's best to get out a ruler. 6 inches is short, and 14 inches is long to some.

What absorbency should I choose?

MotherMoonPads come in a variety of absorbencies to meet your needs.

Pantyliners are made from just 2 layers of fabric. These are best used for every day discharge, or for on very light days such as spotting.

Normal flow pads have soakers made from Zorb* These are best used for most normal days of your menstrual cycle.

Heavy flow pads have soakers made from one layer of Zorb and one layer of organic bamboo fleece. These are best used for most heavy days.

Postpartum pads have soakers made from two layers of Zorb. While these are meant for women to use after they give birth, many women also like to use these if they have really heavy cycles.

What Topping Should I Choose?

MotherMoonPads offers a variety of toppings as well.

Most commonly, our pantyliners come topped in cotton velour or minky.

All other pads come topped in either Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) or coloured Cotton Velour (CV) or minky. The difference between the two is the materials used to make the fabric. OBV is made from organic bamboo and cotton. Cotton velour is not organic and comes in a variety of colors. It is truly personal preference on which one to purchase.

How Many do I need?

How many you will need will vary from woman to woman. Each woman's flow is different. What I suggest doing is counting (or estimating) the number of disposable pads you go through each day, and add a few to use while you are doing the wash. There is no set rule for how many to buy. Most women go through 3-5 each day though.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at mothermoonpads [!at]

*What is Zorb? Here is Wazoodle's definition:

"Zorb contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber, the same fibers found in virtually every AIO diaper on the market – nothing else. These non-allergenic fibers are non-allergenic, durable and easy to sanitize We manufacture Zorb in the USA and Canadian in modern facilities that are safe & friendly for workers and the environment."

Special Consideration for postpartum use

How many mama cloth pads will you need for postpartum use? The answer will depend on a few different factors. You will need to take into consideration:

how often do I want to wash?
am I using cloth exclusively, or will I be using the disposable pads in the hospital?
do I have any longer, heavy flow pads in my stash right now?
For most women who are planning on using cloth exclusively, the following will take you through 1-1.5 days. It is recommended that you change your pad every 2-3 hours during the postpartum period.
3 Ultimate Overnight/Postpartum pads
3-6 Postpartum pads
6 heavy flow pads
If you are planning on using the disposable pads in the hospital and cloth after you come home, you might be able to use heavy flow pads exclusively, with Ultimate Overnight/Postpartum pads at night.
Washing Instructions

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low
Do not use the sanitary cycle on your washing machine
Tumble Dry low or hang to dry
Do not use fabric softener or bleach
If you are concerned with staining, consider rinsing your pads after use prior to putting them in the wetbag, or use a wet pail.
If you have a yeast infection, you will need to sanitize your pads by sunning them to dry or using Bac-out.
If you have any questions at all, please contact me directly

MotherMoonPads 08-22-2012 12:25 PM

How thick are MotherMoonPads?
"How thick are they?" "Will they feel like I'm wearing a diaper?"
Those are two questions that I get asked on a regular basis. It is easy for me to say that they are relatively thin compared to many other brands of cloth pads, but just how thin are they?

Here is a comparison photo of (left to right) a pantyliner, normal flow, heavy flow, postpartum, and Ultimate pad.

Here they are stacked upon each other

A MotherMoonPads minky pantyliner is approximately .08" thick

A MotherMoonPads normal flow pad is approximately .2" thick

A MotherMoonPads heavy flow pad is approximately .27" thick

A MotherMoonPads Postpartum pad is approximately .29" thick

A MotherMoonPads Ultimate pad is approximately .3" thick

Another question I get a lot is "How can they be so thin and still be so absorbent?"

The answer lies within the fabrics that I use to create them. The absorbent core in a normal flow pad is a layer of Zorb. In a heavy flow pad, it is a layer of organic bamboo fleece and a layer of Zorb. For postpartum and ultimate pads, it is 2 layers of Zorb.

*What is Zorb? Here is Wazoodle's definition:

"Zorb contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber, the same fibers found in virtually every AIO diaper on the market – nothing else. These non-allergenic fibers are non-allergenic, durable and easy to sanitize We manufacture Zorb in the USA and Canadian in modern facilities that are safe & friendly for workers and the environment."

How absorbent is Zorb?

Zorb™ is a specialty fabric designed to reduce cost and improve performance of reusable cloth diapers. ZORB traps moisture absorbs 10x it's weight in mossture in half a second -- that's 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp knits.

Serging the pads instead of turning and top stitching them also helps reduce bulk. There is nothing worse than a bulky pad that makes you feel like a diaper, so every effort is made to keep MotherMoonPads as absorbent and trim as possible. You may find MotherMoonPads on Facebook and Etsy

MotherMoonPads 08-22-2012 12:25 PM

A little about MotherMoonPads
Saving your body and the Earth, One cycle at a time

MotherMoonPads was born out of a passion for sewing, a desire to become more green (or "crunchy"), and a need to contribute to our household income while raising our children.

I became a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) in June of 2007 when I was expecting my second child. I left my position as an accounting clerk and started a business called KeepYourBabyClose. I created hundreds of beautiful and functional baby carriers. Baby carriers were a gateway into a whole different world, one of Attachment Parenting and a desire to leave the world a better place than when I entered it. I discovered cloth diapers and mama cloth (and many other fabulous reusable products!).

Around October of 2008, I added a line of reusable cloth menstrual pads to my store. These became increasingly popular, and I discontinued making baby carriers. I closed my KeepYourBabyClose Etsy store, and opened MotherMoonPads where my main focus was on reusable cloth menstrual pads.

Since then, I have created more than 13,000 reusable cloth menstrual pads. Until recently, I have sold on multiple websites (HyenaCart, eBay, Diaperswappers, ClothDiaperNation and others). June 2012, I decided to focus solely on my Etsy store. All in stock inventory is found here. Each reusable cloth pad is handmade by me.

I take pride in each reusable cloth menstrual pad that I create. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I wake up, feed my children, and then sit down in my studio. I choose which fabrics will be turned into mama cloth for the day. I typically make 10-20 pads each day, depending on the absorbency. I only use the highest quality fabrics (which means no Walmart fabrics!) purchased from ethical sources. I love to sew with soft velours and super soft minky. I use fabrics that were made specifically to be ultra absorbent yet trim, like Zorb.

I believe that family is the most important thing in life. I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to raise my family while keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table. Every purchase that you make directly contributes to our family's budget.

I take pride in making things that will last. After all, isn't that why you are buying reusable cloth menstrual pads in the first place? Rest assured that your MotherMoonPads are created with high quality products and an attention to detail, and will last you for many years to come.
Every mama cloth pad is handmade by me

Every purchase that you make goes directly to support our family and keeps a roof over our heads! From my family to yours, we thank you!

MotherMoonPads 08-22-2012 12:27 PM

How to make your WAHM buying experience a positive one
1. Read the entire listing. Don’t skim it! Read it in its entirety. This is very important! If the listing isn’t clear, please ASK! If you don’t understand something, ask before purchasing! Don’t assume things that aren’t in the listing.

2. Look at all of the pictures. Click to enlarge them if possible. If things look off in the picture, chances are that they will look off when you actually receive the item.

3. Read through the WAHM’s policy page. Understand that they have policies in place for a reason. If you would like them to deviate from their policies, please ask PRIOR to making a purchase. Be respectful and understanding if they are unable to fulfill your special request (and consider ordering elsewhere if it is something that is very important to you).

4. Understand their shipping times. If a WAHM says that she will ship in stock items within two business days, expect her to fulfill her promise and ship within that time frame. For me personally, if something comes up and I am not able to fulfill a promise I have made, I will contact the customer ASAP to let them know and offer them options. This only happens when something serious comes up that prevents me from getting to the post office. Understand that while we strive to get things out ASAP, we are mothers (and wives, and sometimes students or we might have other jobs) and we might need the full amount of time listed.

5. Understand and agree to the times for custom orders prior to placing the order. Most WAHMs do orders in the order they are received. You may have placed a smaller custom order, but you have no idea of knowing how many orders are ahead of you on the list. Most WAHMs clearly advertise their waiting periods. If the WAHM advertises a 2 week wait time on custom orders, be happy if it ships prior to the end of the wait time, but try not to be disappointed if it takes the entire time. Wait times are listed for a reason.

6. International Buyers, please don’t ask the WAHM to break the law by marking your purchase as a “gift” on the customs forms. Please understand that you may be responsible to pay import taxes. Those are imposed by your country, and we have absolutely no control over them. Please understand that it takes time for packages to arrive internationally. While we wish we could make our post offices move faster, once the package is out of our hands, it is truly out of our control. And on this note, all MotherMoonPads international shipping prices include the cost of insurance through U-Pic.

7. If you require anymore assistance or information that is not included in the listing, pictures, or on the policy page, contact the WAHM. We are more than happy to further explain whatever you need help with.

8. If you receive your order and have an issue with it, please:
*contact the WAHM via her chosen method (email address listed on her business card, through the “contact” tab on her Facebook page or store)
*Calmly and politely explain your problem
*Clearly and politely state how you would like the problem to be fixed
*Treat her with respect, and she will likely return the favor. Try not to come out with “guns blazing”. Every WAHM wants their customer to be happy, and they should work with you to fix the problem.
*Above all, understand that WAHMs are humans. We make mistakes. Sometimes life gets in the way. Try to be understanding.

Click here to view MotherMoonPads Shop Policies and Buyer's Guide

MotherMoonPads 08-24-2012 01:50 PM

Re: SAVE 10% off on your MotherMoonPads mama cloth & wet bag purchase
I stocked two starter kits today:
Listing ToolsEdit Renew PromoteCopy Deactivate Delete
OOAK I dream of travel Light flow Mama Cloth Starter Kit by MotherMoonPads (Perfect for menstrual cup backup)
Batik Light flow Mama Cloth Starter Kit by MotherMoonPads (Perfect for menstrual cup backup)

BeccaSueCongdon 08-24-2012 02:12 PM

So pretty! Anything coming soon for heavy flow mamas? ;-)

MotherMoonPads 08-24-2012 02:58 PM

Re: SAVE 10% off on your MotherMoonPads mama cloth & wet bag purchase

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon (Post 15587992)
So pretty! Anything coming soon for heavy flow mamas? ;-)

I have 29 heavy flow pads in stock here:

And just 1 heavy flow starter kit, but I will be stocking more of those next week :goodvibes:

BeccaSueCongdon 08-24-2012 08:18 PM


Is it sill that I'm *excited* for my period to come back again so I can try these? Lol!

BeccaSueCongdon 08-24-2012 08:21 PM


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