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MamaLove 06-21-2006 08:53 PM

Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
I'm trying to find what might work best for our homeschooling future ahead. Has anyone used this one? Or what else do you highly recommend? I know it's different for every kid, but some good reviews would help me greatly right now! Thanks again, mamasitas! :thumbsup:

Here's the link to K12:

raceNzanesmom 06-21-2006 11:09 PM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
I looked into for my oldest, 8th grader in the fall. I didn't like how much you have to answer to the PS system. That's one of the main reasons we left PS, so I didn't want to answer to it now.

What age are you looking for? My youngest is only 26 months. I'll be working with Little Hands for Heaven and Before Five in a Row for the next couple years. Once he's ready I'll go with Writing Without Tears. For pre-K to K, my plan is Math U See, Phonics Pathways and WWOT. Plus lot of living books for history and science. Haven't planned past that. :giggle:

What do you think you'd like? What does your child like? Some like workbooks, some not. Some like lots of hands on, others prefer just reading or being read to. has lots of good info and HSing mamas.

HTH a little.

SheilaJoy 06-22-2006 12:40 AM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
My tastes have changed since my dc have gotten older, but for the younger ones, I definitely like A Beka. It's colorful, fun, easy to understand, and comes with great teacher manuals (although you don't need them for the very young levels). It does come from a Christian worldview, though, not sure if you're looking for something more secular. The site is
They also have a video program and online program for older kids, which a lot of parents like.

If you like to do a lot of hands on stuff, a lot of people like Bob Jones University Press (BJUP). And then Science is always fun. You can just pick up a book with science projects for little ones, they love doing that stuff!

Five Green Beans 06-22-2006 07:44 AM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
I used A beka in the past I also like it. We are now using Calvert and I supplment the math with Math U See. We dont really do a lot of the regimented circ. we do a lot of computer educational games and hands on stuff, and travel when we can (car issues lately :banghead: ) there are lots of sites for free software we have gotten tons of stuff that way. My dd's love playing Where in the usa is carmen sandiago we look up the places we visit on google earth. its a lot of fun. good luck with you choices there is a lot out there. I would look for some hs'ing message boards I havnt really found any that I have clicked with yet but there are usually always someone using the program your questioning :thumbsup:

mom2hancj 06-22-2006 08:45 AM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
We use a hodge podge and have changed over time. We are using Sonlight for reading, history, geography, Saxon for math, spelling power, first language lessons, a reason for handwriting...i think that is it...we use usborne experiment books for science. HTH keep researching...there is so much out there!

Christy 06-22-2006 09:11 AM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
There was some reviews on this program on california hs board: . You could probably do a search there to see what they said. GL!!

dee1972 06-22-2006 09:35 AM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
For my youngest I'm using a Kindergarten Alpha Omega Life Pac and the three older ones are using Switched on Schoolhouse (also Alpha Omega). Completely on the computer and the only things I have to grade myself are subjective things (sentences, creative writing, etc.). As a mom of 7, I absolutely LOVE this approach as it frees up my time I had to spend grading papers to do more activities with them. :) I also hear good things about Alpha Omega's other programs, like the Weaver curriculum. You can find out about all their offerings from However, I would do a search for comparative pricing instead of direct buying. They are more expensive direct. :)

raceNzanesmom 06-22-2006 10:35 AM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
I wanted to add we are doing a mish mash with our 8th grader in the fall. I think it will be a better fit than the all A Beka we were using. In the fall we'll be using Apologia science, Lightning Lit & Comp, TruthQuest history, A Beka math, grammar and spelling, and various items for logic and Bible.

There are soooooo many currics out there. Make sure you do a bit of research to find the one that's right for you and dc. The homeschoolreviews site as lots of info, plus you can ask any questions. You'll find most currics have parents and kids that love and hate them. What works can also change at different ages.

MamaLove 06-22-2006 12:39 PM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
Thank you everyone! I appreciate your suggestions and ideas, there are a lot of choices out there, and you all are helping me find what's right for us. My ds is only 20 months right now, so I have some time to check these all out. :thanks:

raceNzanesmom 06-22-2006 01:40 PM

Re: Any homeschoolers use K12 Curriculum?
For a young child I'd look into something easy and cheap. There's a website that does a letter of the week. Mrs. Alphabet always has links to tons of stuff. I prefer lit based programs- read then do fun activities that go along with it. That's what Before Five in a Row is. Little Hand for Heaven has simple activities. You can do as much or as little as needed. Plus do lots of sorting, matching, patterns, puzzles, helping around the house, going to parks, zoos, museums, etc, talking, reading aloud, and PLAYING.

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