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RunawayBunny 08-18-2013 12:01 PM

Purees or BLW with preemie
My yds was born at 34 weeks with a 17 day NICU stay, half of which was learning to eat. He is about 5 months actual and we are beginning to think about solid foods. I am curious what your experiences were with solid foods and your preemies? Did you do baby-led weaning? Baby food? When did you start?

In some ways he "acts" his actual age (he can sit up pretty well on his own for 10-15 seconds, can stand with some assistance, lost the gag refulx), but in other ways he still acts like a 3.5 month old (day time sleep is still erratic, can't roll over, can't push up easily, still very jerky movements). I'm feeling conflicted about delaying food until he can reach out and feed himself since his gut and body may be ready for food before his coordination catches up?

I'd love to ask my pedi about it, but at Nate's last appointment he told me to pump, add cereal to it, and feed it to him in a bottle to help with reflux. He also said I need to leave Nate at a 45 degree angle at all times except a 15 minute play time right before feeding... We are in the process of getting his pedi changed, but in the mean time I don't trust any answer he gives me.

mommy2fourmunchkins 08-20-2013 08:29 PM

We followed cues with all four of my preemies. My daughter was about 7.5 months, my twins were close to 9 months and Everett (now almost 7mo) started early. All were 32 weekers. Kyndal (now 6) was pretty delayed with everything, the twins (now 4) were quite delayed and still are. Everett is totally different and acts his age (sits, rolls both ways, pushes up, stands well holding fingers, jabbers, etc). I wasn't planning on starting him for awhile but he stole a stalk of asparagus off my plate one evening at about 5.5 months and has done wonderful with solids ever since. He gets mostly whole food he feeds himself but occasionally gets purée. I fully believe in following babies' cues.

3rockstars 08-21-2013 08:09 AM

Re: Purees or BLW with preemie
My 33 weeker was ready for solids at her six month actual mark. She was sitting unassisted, making chewing motions, grabbing things off our plates and shoving them in her mouth, nursing every 90 minutes or so, etc. She did great and LOVED purees. But my 34 weeker wasn't even close to ready. We attempted purees at 8 months since she showed those above signs by the 8 month mark(6 1/2months adjusted) but she pushed everything out of her mouth. She finally just ate small bites of regular food and dry things like crackers around 11 months actual. She still had issues with things that were wet or squishy and she never ate purees. She had a lot of sensory issues with wet things and still does at age 8. Maybe it's more personality than prematurity. But she definitely wasn't ready until 11 months. With the developmental signs your baby is showing I wouldn't start any solids yet if that were my baby. But you should make your own decisions obviously.

purplespoon 09-25-2013 04:30 PM

Re: Purees or BLW with preemie
DS is only 4 mo (actual, 2.5 adjusted), but we plan on doing BLW. We plan to wait until he shows signs that he is ready and not really go by how old he is.

Yarnjess 09-25-2013 04:57 PM

Re: Purees or BLW with preemie
My baby was full term, but we didn't really start solids until 8.5 months because she wasn't really interested before then. My brother was born a few weeks early, and, according to my mother, wasn't particularly interested in table food until close to a year. I've heard of full term babies doing that, too. I agree with the previous posters who said to follow baby's cues. Every baby is different and it's not like there's an expiration date at 6 months (actual or adjusted) that says you have to start feeding solids. We skipped purees and did BLW.

Amanda+2 09-25-2013 07:57 PM

Re: Purees or BLW with preemie
I did BLW with my twins (born 32 weeks), well I actually started with purees and did a couple of days and then realised I couldn't be bothered with that hassle!

I probably started them at around 7 months, but my boy didn't start with gusto until he was 8 months or so, his sister had some physical issues and didn't mange to sit up until she was about a year. I had to wedge her in to her high chair, and she was great at sucking stuff but didn't really eat anything meaningful until she was probably close to 9 or 10 months.

their sister born at 37 weeks, showed all the signs - stealing our food etc at 5 months, so I started BLW with her around 5.5, but she didn't really start eating until 6.5 months.

Let your baby lead you

mtnlazuli 10-31-2013 08:47 AM

Re: Purees or BLW with preemie
My first baby was a 35 weeker, and we started solids right at 6 months. She couldn't yet sit up unassisted all the way, but she did fine with some homemade purees of fruits and also of rice cereal. I don't recall if she was showing signs of interest or other indications, but I do know that my husband was eager as heck to take part in feeding her, since she was pretty much EBF at that point. She started grabbing food off our plates by 9 months, and before that, was eating softer versions of table foods that we'd let her chew on (I remember a particularly messy broccoli-eating evening.)

My second daughter was a 33 weeker, and she's now 5 months actual. We're much more aware of cues, etc, so I don't know when we'll start solids. She definitely watches us eat, but I doubt she'll be really ready by the end of her sixth actual month. She hasn't tried to eat anything, and while she can be in a sitting position assisted, she isn't holding herself up well yet, so we might delay a bit -- but we'll reassess in a month!

ouchienurse 11-06-2013 09:58 AM

My 34 weeker was ready at 6 months, loved all puréed then food. My 38 week son is 18 months now and just now really getting into food, hated puréed with a passion, lol. Every baby is different just watch for cues and offer.

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mtnlazuli 11-07-2013 09:26 AM

Re: Purees or BLW with preemie
Wow, what a difference in your experiences!


Originally Posted by ouchienurse (Post 17039088)
My 34 weeker was ready at 6 months, loved all puréed then food. My 38 week son is 18 months now and just now really getting into food, hated puréed with a passion, lol. Every baby is different just watch for cues and offer.

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ouchienurse 11-07-2013 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by mtnlazuli
Wow, what a difference in your experiences!

Lol. Yeah, I offered at about 6 months with my son and he'd have none of it. I couldn't figure it out, he was/is huge. Everyone always asks if he's eating us out of house and home yet and they never believe me when I tell them no, haha

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