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Jamiee 10-09-2016 02:05 PM

Pocket Diapers: best insert to use?
Hi there, I am both new to the forum and to cloth diapering. I've decided to cloth diaper my newest baby who will be due next year. With that and tons of research and trying to figure what style I may like the most, I've come to.. pocket diapers, one size. So I'm gathering a few brands that has come highly recommended and some that appealed to me. Now with that... comes inserts! I'm not sure which brand would be best to go with let alone which style? I am pretty sure I want to rid my statsh of the micro- blends and stick to either organic cotton, hemp or bamboo.. or blends of each. But, I'm stuck with what truly works best? Do I do prefolds? Idk!? I'm looking for my most bang for the buck... what is most absoborbant, most durable... long lasting... and so forth. A few that has stuck out has been thirsties organic boosters/hemp and Applecheecks hemo prefolds.

Any advice would be soooo much appreciated.

Spunkify 10-10-2016 09:05 AM

Re: Pocket Diapers: best insert to use?
I do not like the Thirsties hemp duo prefolds. They haven't held up well for me and are awkward in how they are sewn and how they fit in the pockets. I also did not like the AppleCheeks hemp prefolds but that was several years ago now. I actually replaced all my AppleCheeks cover inserts with other inserts when I used the AC system.

The most absorbent thing that I have found is a combination of microfiber and a natural fiber. I had to add absorbency for my nine month old and in my natural fiber diapers I added a microfiber insert/booster and in my diapers with microfiber inserts I added a natural fiber insert/booster.

If you're set on getting rid of all microfiber I would highly recommend organic cotton. I've found that to be the most absorbent out of all the "natural" fibers. I really like(d) the Flip night time inserts, and would recommend those over the Thirsties hemp prefolds, but the Osocozy prefolds I have work wonderfully also and are cheaper. They also have a "better fit" prefold which is meant to be trifolded and inserted in pocket or laid in a cover instead of secured around baby.

MamaChirpy 10-13-2016 09:09 PM

Re: Pocket Diapers: best insert to use?
I would try out a few different types of diapers first instead of all pockets. Some people like pockets but lots of people hate pockets.

The most bang for your buck would be prefolds or flats in a cover. [emoji4]

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lovinits 11-05-2016 08:17 AM

Re: Pocket Diapers: best insert to use?
My favorite pocket combo so far is the Bumgenius pocket with the larger snap to fit bum genius insert on top of a hemp insert. Replace both inserts stuffed inside the pocket. If you're having trouble with leaks look also to the covers your themselves. The cover has to be non-wicking and there have to be no gaps at the legs. Hope that helps!

Missyrose2321 06-17-2017 09:38 PM

Re: Pocket Diapers: best insert to use?
I like a microfiber with a hemp doubler on bottom for my heavy wetter. My first born I did just microfiber and was fine

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