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beckstar 12-07-2012 06:39 PM

TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21

This group is designed for those of us over 30 yrs of age. We have a different TTC journey than our younger counterparts & many of us encounter challenges along the way to our coveted BFP. We invite all to join us as we offer advice, support & encouragement to each other through these challenges, as well as celebrating those joyful BFPs.

While this thread is not necessarily labeled as a "struggling TTC" thread, we do ask that if you choose to join us that you remain mindful of the challenges that many of our members are experiencing when posting about BFPs. We are excited to celebrate everyone's BFP, though it can often be a sensitive issue for those for whom it has not been so easy. :goodvibes:

We :wub: hearing from our graduates & hope you are having a HH9M!!! But we ask that you please take the time to catch up on posts, taking note of current losses before posting your pregnancy updates. If any of our sweet mommas are experiencing a loss in the current thread, please consider posting your updates at a different time. :goodvibes:

I'll try to update your status daily, but let me know if I missed you! If I don't hear from you for a few weeks I'll take you off the list. Just post with an update to be re-added. :thumbsup:

Question of the week: what is your earliest childhood memory?

Anyone can answer the question! And if you have suggestions for the QOTW send me a PM. :)

In RED, tell me:
Your handle (and your name and/or age if you'd like)
Where you are in your cycle or if you're waiting for AF to return
Whether you are actively TTC or waiting right now.
**I will look for a change in your status in red throughout the week.**

:headscratch: NEED UPDATES :headscratch:
Jubilee (Sarah) age 31
happymom (Beth) age 35
hokoonchi (Camilla) age 30
mixed_chica (Purly) age 30
Missydawn (Missy) age 31
discgolfnmom (Mandi) age 31

:waiting: WAITING TO O :waiting:
Mamatoabunch (Annabelle) age 38
JCPACandMommy (Carissa) age 31
carriek38 (Carrie) age 33
sweetgrace (Tawny) age 35
MyGloryLife (Minda) age 33
NewbieSAHM (Amber) age 31
katiecornflakes (Kate) age 31

:pray: :babydust: TWO WEEK WAIT :babydust: :pray: photocat (Cat) age 39
craigwick (Heidi) age 32
c&w's mama age 36
sasra_nu (Sarah) age 32
geetabean (Gina) age 32
Slyfox (Robin) age 40
momto2princesses (Kirra) age 33
Ktmelody (Katie) age 31
tedcgh (Tiffany) age 30
pumpkinseeds age 33
TonyKariTony (Karina) age 33

:goodvibes: NTNP :goodvibes:
Augusthope (Rachel) age 31
Craftin'Diva (Jeri) age 31
sydjackmom (Laura)
Rachelrhin0 (30)
HeatherMac603 (Heather) age 30
cormama (Corinne) age 35
Maddalena (April) age 37
fishingfor5 (Tori) age 41

:cheer: CHEERLEADERS :cheer:
beckstar (Becky) age 37
kricket24 (Kristen) age 30
Kap7270 (Kristin) age 35
newmommy13 (Ingrid) age 31
Mirnavela (Monika) age 30
Layney82 age 30
Bee21 age 30
tandiwe76 age 35

:preggo: GRADUATES :preggo:
shastalocke (Shasta) age 33 EDD 12/05/12
My2sweets age 31 EDD 12/21/12
Harmony96 (Andrea) age 33 EDD 12/27/12
american_mommy (Tammy) age 35 EDD 1/24/13
cristy_1996 age 33 EDD 1/24/13
newtocloth2 (Andrea) age 31 EDD 2/10/13
My_Tree_Grows age 30 EDD 2/13/13
yellowdog (Amanda) age 37 EDD 3/1/13
TS8213 (Trace) age 31 EDD 3/7/13
Christylkeller (Christy) age 36 EDD 3/15/13
hcokasil (Lisa) age 32 EDD 3/15/13
amb2j (April) age 30 EDD 3/10/13
amcess721 (Andrea) age 31 EDD 3/25/13
rverrone (Rina) age 33 EDD 4/5/13
Sylvie89 (Kaycie) age 37 EDD 5/1/13
adensmom (Latisa) age 36 EDD 5/27/13
Elsie Cayare (Lindsey) age 30 EDD 6/2/13
babygirls2 (Kim) age 31 EDD 6/4/13
txmommytobe age34 EDD 6/6/13
willownz (Helen) age 32 EDD 6/12/13
812ajack (Alicia) age 35 EDD 6/12/13
Leaner age 34 EDD 6/24/13
SpartyGuard (Sarah) age 32 EDD 6/25/13
love4leon (Rebecca) age 37
mvp529 (Misty) age 35 EDD 8/3/13
ardeur (Jessie) age 30 EDD 8/2/13
leviandgarettsmom (Deanna) age 40 EDD 7/21/13

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Layney82 12-09-2012 01:53 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21
It sure is quiet here. I hope that means everyone is having a lovely weekend. Anybody testing this week?

I'm at CD21, just waiting for AF so that we can start TTC. I also think that DS (33 months) is finally potty trained. We've been working on it for a couple weeks now and it's finally clicking with him. That just makes me want a new little baby that much more, though I'm thrilled to not be dealing with diapers anymore.

MyGlorylife 12-09-2012 03:39 PM

I'm 6dpo today am testing in Wednesday :). Am feeling pretty hopeful. Had cramping on O side last night and have been emotional and have had lower back/hip pain. My breast seem bigger too. Been getting in the way! Oh!!! and ive had thivk super white abundant cm!!! and thats good! Lol. We shall see.
I'm also coming down with a cold though that's been going through the house. Blech.

craigwick 12-09-2012 03:40 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21
CD33 here, 15dpo, but not testing...don't have any and I just can't put myself through it anymore. Temps have been all over the map this cycle, not sure what is up with that!

QOTW: My earliest memory is from when I was 2/2.5, which my mom can correlate for me as the neighbour's stove was on fire and she ran over with the extinguisher to put it out, while I stood in the driveway and pooped my pants! I have a photographic memory so lots of early memories are rattling around in my head.

tedcgh 12-09-2012 04:13 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21
Quite weekend here. Yesterday we went out to my parent's house to decorate the first round of Christmas Cookies. DS is coming down with something so we stayed home today. DD was really upset about missing church.
QOTWEarliest memory. I have so many starting around 3. The most vivid one was when we were at a auction, which was nearly every weekend because we worked the concessions for the 4-H club. It was raining. I was wearing my rainbow raincoat and pink mud boots. My mom sent me from the concession stand to my dad because the lamp that she really wanted was getting ready to go on the block. My father was wearing his yellow raincoat that he wore on the farm, there were a ton of yellow raincoats everywhere. I thought I had found my dad, I tugged on his raincoat, and this guy looked down and it wasn't him. I remember feeling so scared, then I felt my dad pick me up right as I started to cry. He had spotted me with my rainbow coat in the sea of yellow and he held me tight. Daddy won the lamp for my mom right after as well.

I tested yesterday and today (8 & 9dpo??), mostly because I have just had such a bout with these cramps, the strange spotting and sore breast. Of course it was a bfn. I have no idea if I O'd or not, my temps have been all over since they bottomed out a few days ago after I had a few high temps. Still lots of AF like cramping, lots of CM. I guess time will tell. If I haven't O'd I am afraid of missing it.

I hope it is ok to post this next part: Surely ok on TTC forum???
A friend of my sent me to a blog that has the 12 Lays of Christmas. (I am too lazy to look at DS rules right now about posting about other blogs.) Basically it was modifying the Song 12 Days of Christmas to inspire 12 days of intimacy. I think I will modify it, but the challenge starts on December 13th if anyone is interested.

beckstar 12-09-2012 05:06 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21
im about tests in the house. might order some from amazon tho.

tedcgh 12-09-2012 06:14 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21

Originally Posted by beckstar (Post 16023760)
im about tests in the house. might order some from amazon tho.

I am liking the test that I got on eBay. I got 100 for less than 20 on Amazon. The seller say US discreet shipping on all of their pics. They arrived within a couple of days too.

carriek38 12-10-2012 10:34 AM

Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21

Originally Posted by Layney82 (Post 16023232)
It sure is quiet here. I hope that means everyone is having a lovely weekend. Anybody testing this week?

I'm at CD21, just waiting for AF so that we can start TTC. I also think that DS (33 months) is finally potty trained. We've been working on it for a couple weeks now and it's finally clicking with him. That just makes me want a new little baby that much more, though I'm thrilled to not be dealing with diapers anymore.

Y'know, I thought this would be me...but I kind of dread going back to diaper laundry :hide: I am reveling in my water bill being cut by 1/3 (not that it was high before, but still...) & my gas & electric being under $125/mo for the last few months b/c I'm not doing nearly as much laundry :mrgreen: But I did see a little guy at the mall play area yesterday w/ his adorable knit longies & big ole CD butt, & had a teeny pang of nostalgia...they can be a PITA, but CDs are so darn cute!

Good luck to everyone who's testing soon!

AFM--AF should be here Saturday-ish & I'm hoping that scheduling works to do the IVF this month. DD switched from the devil-sitter to the center around the corner from us. DP & I like it so far, DD hates it :cry: I never had a hard time leaving DD w/ someone to go to work until the last few mos (she's 33 mos now), but it's killing me. DP is just getting done her admin. certificate, so she's looking at jobs; I wouldn't be terribly sad if I had to leave my job & relocate, but getting the house sale-ready would be a nightmare.

homebirthmom 12-10-2012 10:37 AM

Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21
Im 4dpo now, I had cramps last night by ovaries and this morning had brown spotting with strings in it. I am pretty sure I am pregnant. I will test on Wednesday.
funny thing is last couple days I have been all over cute clothing, diapers etc and this morning I sorta freeked out before the spotting cause I just KNEW I was gunna get preggo this month. was a string ovulation and I was super in the mood. it would have been nice to go a few months just using nothing and seeing what happens. I guess I didnt have to jump on the gun so quick but I honestly thought I was getting ready for menopause!! wrongo. I am 37 tho, so its probably better it happens now while I still have some energy and I can lose the baby weight more easily

JCPACandMommy 12-10-2012 03:10 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21
Okay mama's I have a situation I want to run by all of you! Friday 12/7 I got to work and was fine then all of a sudden I was overcome with lightheaded dizziness...checked my Bloodsugar, blood pressure and all were okay...I then proceded to vomit but didn't have a quesy feeling or anything like a bug...Went home from work took a FRER not FMU of course and got a faint faint HCG on Wed 12/5 was 6 down from a previous 27 on 11/ here is my issue.... I has some light bleeding AF kind on 12/5 and 12/6 and then spotting on 12/7. Do you think my HCG is still being picked up that low on the FRER or do you think I could be Preggers and should retest? My Midwife thought it could still be from the previous loss but thougth maybe it should be out of my system by now... I haven't retested but have been tempted too because don't want to waist a FRER on a BFN! KWIM

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