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TwistedBranches 06-05-2012 10:55 AM

All items are either new or used, and conditions are listed with each item. This is a work in progress! Prices DO NOT include shipping- shipping is from 86429. Shipping to US only. I am will discount if you purchase multiple items, or any of my other items up for FSOT. Links are below! I'm still adding threads, and will link as they are created! :thumbsup:

We are a dog friendly home, but they do not wear our clothes. ;) All are freshly washed, but please excuse a stray hair if it makes it's way to you!

Mostly looking for PP, but I'm also willing to trade for anything on my ISO.

Momma's closet cleanout! LOTS!
Maternity ALL SIZES
Craft Items
Baby girl size 12-18months
Baby Boy Clothes 0-12mo
Baby Boy Clothes 12mo-3T

I have more boy and girl clothing up to 3T-- please ask if you are looking for something specific!

I'm also willing to trade- See my ISO!

There are a few FFS with purchase items through here. ONE FFS item per purchase. :)


1. Carters "My auntie is awesome" onesie. Has a small snag that's not really noticeable, just above the crotch area on the front. You can see it in the photo, but it just looks like a blemish on the fabric. This was only worn once. Asking $1.

2. Dwell Studio for Target 100% cotton pink dress. A little wrinkly from storage. So cute!! Asking $3.

0-3 months

1. Child of mine Carter's cute as can be pink monkey shirt/dress. Looks super cute with wool! EUC, worn only once or twice. No stains. Asking $3.

2. Tommy Hilfiger 0-3 month bloomers/diaper cover. Asking $.50.

3. Carter's guitar snap up shirt. Asking $2.

4. Faded Glory Baby 100% cotton embroidered top. Asking $2.

0-6 months

1. Carter's Child of Mine 0-6 month white/light green onesie. New without tag. Asking $2.

2. Carter's gown. The size in this is washed out. It's either 0-3 month or 0-6 month. If you need to know the length/measurements, message me and I will get them. Asking $2.

3 months

1. Starting Out 100% cotton white dress with light green embroidery and light green ribbon. Asking $2.

2. Carter's pink/brown/lime/orange striped dress/shirt. Great with wool! Asking $2.

3. (left): Carter's 3mo white with pink flowers pants/leggings. Asking $1.50. (right): Small wonders 0-3 month pink shorts with small flowers on them. FFS!

4. Carter's "Kiss me I'm Irish" long sleeve onesie. Asking $2.

5. (left) Carter's 3mo striped pants with heart on bum. (right) Vitamins pink pants with white polka dots. Asking $1.50 each.

6. Carriage Boutique NWT Acrylic white and pink sweater. Would be a great easter sweater! Asking $3.

7. Carter's 3mo winter bunting. Asking $5.

8. Carter's long sleeve shirt/dress. Asking $2.

9. Carter's "So Pretty" short sleeve hoodie romper. Asking $2. (toy in photo not available)

10. Label of Graded Goods (L.O.G.G) H&M brand t shirt, size 2-4 months (3-6mo IMO), brand new without tag. Great with wool!! Asking $3.

11. Carters 3mo polka dot romper. 100% cotton, and super cute. Could use a little bit of an iron before wearing, as it has been in storage. Asking $3.

3-6 months

1. left: Baby Starters, 0-6 month "earth baby" onesie (washed, never worn). SOLD Right: Carter's 3mo size flowery onesie (Has some wash wear, and "cracking" of the tag screenprinting.) FFS with another item!

2. 3-6 mo Small Wonders brand dress. Super cute! FFS with another item!

3. 3-6 mo Sesame Street pretty flowers dress. FFS with another item!

4. Baby 3-6 mo: Red Koala Kids ladybug skirt/shorts- Asking $2. Denim faded glory skirt shorts- Asking $2. Purple geranimals shorts- Asking $2.

5. Gymboree 3-6 month Gingerbread Christmas dress. Asking $6.

6. The Children's Place 3-6 month cotton cardigan. EEUC. Asking $4.

7. Naturally by Babyworks 3-6 mo light blue flower shirt. Great with wool! Asking $2.

8. Koala Kids 3-6 mo cotton embroidered shirt. Great with wool! Asking $2.

9. Gymboree 3-6 months panda button up sweater jacket. Panda in pocket is attached to the inside of the pocket by a string and is a finger puppet! 60% cotton, 40% acrylic. EEUC, no stains. Asking $5.

10. Miniwear Classics "Lucky Charm" 3-6 month onesies. I have two the same size that match! Asking $2 each!

11. The Children's Place 3-6 month navy onesie with embroidered butterfly on front. Asking $2.

12. The Children's Place 3-6 month 100% cotton pink bolero with embroidery. Asking $3.

13. Gymboree 3-6 month 60% cotton 40% acrylic cardigan with teddy bear on right side. Worn once. Asking $4.

14. First Impressions 3-6 month (10-15lbs)100% acrylic winter bunting. (no footies-- can wear boots with this one). Asking $4.

6 months

1. Carter's Just one Year orange bloomers with white polka dots. Asking $.50.

2. Circo NWT 6mo dress with pink bloomers. Tag price $5.99, asking $3.

3. Carter's 6 mo long sleeve brown onesie with bear. Asking $2.

4. Calvin Klein Jeans 6m 100% cotton white tank top with embroidered pink flowers/embellishments. Asking $2. Another one worn with wool!

5. OshKosh Genuine Baby 6m cotton cap sleeve top. Another one worn with wool. A little wrinkly from storage. Asking $2.

6. OshKosh Genuine Baby 6m cotton white bloomers with polka dots. $.50.

7. Carter's 6mo sleeper. Hardly worn, but has a small stain on the right side of it. (see photo) Asking $1.

8. Circo 6mo fleece black with white polka dot jacket. Asking $2.

6-12 months

SOLD! 1. Gymboree 6-12 months spring flowers cotton dress. Asking $4. SOLD!

SOLD! 2. Old Navy 6-12 month spaghetti strap salmon colored dress with black embroidery. Asking $4. SOLD!

3. Old Navy 6-12 month long sleeve brown onesie with polka dots. Asking $2.

4. Gymboree 6-12 month long sleeve white spring onesie with flowers/grass embellishment. 100% cotton. Asking $3.

5. Old Navy 6-12 month 100% cotton khaki and white colored long sleeve dress. Great with wool!! Asking $4.

4. Gymboree 6-12 month 100% cotton brown with polka dot turtleneck onesie. Asking $3.

SOLD! 5. Old Navy 6-12 month 100% cotton hippie type boho top. SO cute with wool! Asking $3. SOLD!

SOLD! 6. Gymboree 6-12 month white with flowers tank top. Wrinkly from storage; may need a warm iron to press out and then it should be fine. :) Asking $2. SOLD!

7. Carter's Child of mine 6-12 month pink pants. Asking $1.50.

8. Gymboree 6-12 month 100% cotton pink sweater with embroidery. Wrinkly from storage. Asking $2.

9. Gymboree 6-12 month green capri pants with butterfly accents and flower embroidery and buttons along the bottom. These need to be ironed and are wrinkly from storage. Asking $2.

10. Juicy Couture pink/gold shiny frill dress, size 6-12 mo. Long sleeve. EEUC, worn maybe once. Asking $7. (this was about $40 brand new!)

11. Gymboree 6-12 month shirt. Has embroidered flowers on the front. This needs a good iron as it is wrinkly from storage! Asking $3.

6-9 months

1. Disney/Winnie the Pooh light pink (pink bliss) 6-9 mo hooded jacket, NWT. It was part of a set, but the bottoms got misplaced (set was $14). Asking $4.

2. Disney/Winnie the Pooh dark pink (pink riot) 6-9 mo hooded jacket, NWT. It was part of a set, but the bottoms got misplaced (set was $14). Asking $4.

3. Arizona Jean Company 6-9mo flowery jeans. Design is on both the front and back. EEUC. Asking $2.

4. The Children's place 6-9 mo shiny butterfly pink t-shirt. Washed, worn once or twice. Great with longies/shorties. Asking $3.

5. The Children's place 6-9 mo long sleeve t-shirt. This has wash wear and some fading along the top shoulders (I'm not sure why, lol). Photo of fading below. Due to the fading, Asking $1.50.

6. Carter's 6-9 mo pink bathing suit. Worn once. This has the plastic pul type inner part on the bottom half of the suit! Asking $3.

7. Carter's child of mine 6-9 mo shirt/dress. Navy blue with pink trim with white polka dots on it, and a flower out of the same on the right bottom. The flash drowns out the pink, so the first photo is with flash so you can see the navy color, and the 2nd is without the flash so you can see the pink color. :) Asking $2.

8. All Mine 6-9 month hoodie. In good used condition, but has chipping on zipper pull from our mean dryer. (easily fixed with nail polish). Asking $1.

9. Disney 6-9 month aristocats "little cutie" romper. Asking $2.

10. Baby Connection 6-9 month pink pants with bows on the pockets! Asking $1.50.

9 months

1. Carter's 9mo summer onesie dress romper. In EUC. Asking $2.

2. Carter's 9mo "so sweet" summery onesie dress outfit. In EUC. Asking $2.

3. Osh Kosh 9mo brown zip up hoodie. Asking $3.

4. Carter's 9mo turquoise with brown polka dot dress. A little wrinkly from storage. Another cute one for with wool! Asking $3.

5. Cherokee Brand 9mo long sleeve off white onesie with bird and flower embellishment. Asking $2.

6. Carter's 9mo "mommy's sweetie" cupcake sleeper. Washed, never worn Asking $4.

7. Carter's 9mo white with purple polka dots sleeper with flowers. Good used condition, no stains. Asking $3.

12 months

1. Gerber 12mo onesie. Asking $1.

2. The Children's Place 12 mo T-shirt. Washed, never worn. Asking $4.

3. Austin & Ashley 12mo purple dress. It came with a diaper cover that is gone (used wool soaker instead). EEUC, no issues! Asking $4.

4. Cherokee 12mo black and white cotton tank top. Another cute one with wool. A little wrinkly. Asking $2.SOLD!

5. Carter's 12mo light green spaghetti strap skirted romper with pink flowers. Washed, never worn. Asking $3.

6. OshKosh Genuine Kids 12mo cotton cardigan. Has a snag/small hole on the front that can be fixed. Asking $1.

7. Carter's 12 mo pink hoodie jacket. HAS STAINS, see photo. They are paint and I haven't been able to get them out. Good for play condition. Asking $1, or FFS with another item.

8. Arizona jean company 12 mo firefly shirt. Great with wool. Asking $2.

9. The Children's Place 12 mo purple tee. Worn a few times-- has a small stain that I noticed when I took the photo. (honestly, you can't tell unless you really look for it-- it came out with the flash. It's below the center of the butterfly and to the right). Would be great with wool! Asking $2.

10. Carter's 12 mo Hula Monkey tank top. Asking $3.

11. Nannette 12 mo 100% acrylic sweater dress. Asking $3.

12. Carter's 12mo pink panda hoodie jacket. Asking $4.

13. Koala Kids 12mo hooded sweater dress. 60% cotton, 40% acrylic. Has a few loose threads with the embroidered design on it, but none are coming apart. :) Asking $4.

PM me with interest!!:thumbsup:

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Re: Lots of baby girl clothes! A few FFS with purchases!
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Re: Lots of baby girl clothes! A few FFS with purchases!
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Re: Lots of baby girl clothes! A few FFS with purchases!
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Re: Lots of baby girl clothes! A few FFS with purchases!

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Re: Lots of baby girl clothes! A few FFS with purchases!

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