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Mrs.Nicolian 01-15-2013 06:38 AM

Reduced wool!! NB - L, boy & girl
Items come from a pet-friendly, smoke-free home. All sales are final. If you have questions about anything or would like to see more pictures, please let me know. Feel free to make me an offer if you're interested in buying multiple items. I have a bunch more to list so stay posted!! All prices are PPD and include DC.

Wool - all sizes are approximate. I don't have time to measure all of these!

$5ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB dark grey shorties

$20ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB very light blue/pinkish knit sack

$ *SOLD*
XS/NB beige knit shorties/longies

$3ppd/ea *GREY & NAVY SOLD*
S grey knit wrap
S pink knit wrap
S navy knit wrap

S Dashing Dachs knit, adjustable bloomers/longies and booties with Juddy Dud buttons.
The buttons need to be sewn on better with the yarn.

S rainbow peace bum and natural knit longies & matching hat

S pink knit longies

S Mosaic Moon selah knit longies

S grey, orange, yellow, pink knit longies

S munki sushi knit longies

S pink knit longies/leggings

S white knit longies

$8ppd *SOLD*
ML Luxe Baby orange and green interlock soaker

M grey knit velcro soaker

M Libelle peace bum knit shorties and WAHM money embellished SS tee set
The shorties look gross.. they need a wash but these are AWESOME!!

M Sweetie Bird Fashions recycled embellished shorties and SBF SS tee set
The bottom hem on the shirt is coming unraveled

M blue and purple knit shorties and WAHM screenprinted SS tee set

M grey, beige and brown knit longies and WAHM tree embroidered SS tee set

M purple and blue knit longies and WAHM peace sign SS tee set
These longies need a shave! And I THINK there may be a slight stain under the peace sign

M bright green, orange, blue knit longies and homemade embroidered SS tee set

$40ppd *SOLD*
M Mosaic Moon woodland in spring knit longies and WAHM SS tee set

M blue and orangish knit longies and WAHM SS tee set

$14ppd *SOLD*
ML Luxe Baby orange and light green interlock longies. Small stain on bum

M jolly rogers dyed Crankypants knit longies

M green & beige knit longies and WAHM LS tee set

M homemade recycled green longies

$22ppd *SOLD*
L brown, blue and white knit shorties
soft and thick!

$7ppd *SOLD*
L grey knit shorties

$6ppd *SOLD*
L homemade green & grey recycled shorties

$35ppd *SOLD*
L Connorsmama Creations interlock longies and LS tee set

WAHM trains tee. About 18-24m size

Piddle Poddles retro cars tee. I'd say about 18-24m size

WAHM tee. 18-24m

__________________________________________________ _______

$23ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB Wild Child Woolies embellished green interlock longies

$6ppd *SOLD*
S brown knit shorties

$12ppd *SOLD*
ML Luxe Baby green and beige interlock soaker

$7ppd *SOLD*
M Royal Buns light blue interlock shorties
Play condition

$15ppd *SOLD*
L babyology soaker

$9ppd *SOLD*
L Loveybums wool cover

$5ppd *SOLD*
L homemade recycled, embroidered shorties

$34ppd *SOLD*
L sock monkey knit longies
This monkey needs a bath and a shave.

$28ppd *SOLD*
S multi-colored and pink knit longies

$9ppd *SOLD*
XL babyology soaker
Holes in soaker, as pictured

$11ppd *MISSING*??
M scrappy knit shorties (tee not included unless I can find it. It's gone MIA!)

$4ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB beige soaker

$6ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB felted/shrunk Aristocrats soaker

Free with purchase *GONE*
XS/NB beige knit shorties/longies (stain may come out)

$16ppd *SOLD*
XS/S brown and tan knit sack
Very soft and warm

XS/NB brown knit longies

$28ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB rainbow and orange knit longies
SO soft and thick (comes with hat not pictured)

$23ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB natural and muti-colored knit longies

$7ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB pink and white knit longies

S soakers *SOLD*
Waist elastic on one is stretched - that one is free with purchase

$9ppd *SOLD*
S Aristocrats soaker

$4ppd *SOLD*
S soaker

$10ppd *SOLD*
S grey, yellow and gold knit longies

$10ppd *SOLD*
S navy knit longies

$7ppd *SOLD*
M greenish felted knit soaker

$12ppd *SOLD*
M Wild Child Woolies interlock light blue shorties
Play condition

$20ppd *SOLD*
L pink and white knit longies

$20ppd *SOLD*
L navy blue knit longies

$11ppd *SOLD*
M (felted, shrunk) monster bum crochet shorties

$14ppd *SOLD*
M (labeled as a L) WAHM recycled(?) footie longies and LS elliot elephant tee set
Longies are felty and not super stretchy. Footies are dingy

$25ppd *SOLD*
XS/NB scrappy knit sack

momof3boysNC 01-15-2013 07:59 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
Tried sending you a pm, but it says your box is full. I am interested in...

$7 pdd XS/NB Brown knit longies
$7 pdd XS/NB Pink/white knit longies

Could you give me any more info on these?

Thank you!

anabanana 01-15-2013 08:28 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
Please pm me, your box is full. I would like to buy some wool. :)

Mrs.Nicolian 01-15-2013 08:45 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
I just cleaned out some Pm's. sorry about that!!

Anna0623 01-15-2013 08:55 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
I had sent you a pm about a few things.

Amandamama 01-15-2013 10:15 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
Pming u:)

Mrs.Nicolian 01-16-2013 06:28 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
Good morning. :)

Mrs.Nicolian 01-17-2013 07:49 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
Bump. :)

MrsSaraT 01-17-2013 11:10 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
I'll take the large pink longies and large navy blue longies, as well as the medium felted greenish soaker.

Mrs.Nicolian 01-18-2013 06:48 AM

Re: Wool - all sizes, boy & girl
Good morning. :)

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