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mamayogibear 08-24-2011 08:33 PM

WIC/Breastfeeding Month
So today I had a WIC appointment for my one year old son. His birthday was yesterday. It turns out there was a national breastfeeding month 'party' in the back conference room. There was cake and balloons and my four year old said it was baby bubbas birthday party since we didn't have a party yesterday. There were about ten moms some with kids there and it was pretty cool since all the kids got to socialize a little bit. I ended up standing up in front of the group and talk about NIP and the benefits that baby wearing has on breastfeeding all while nursing my one year old son in his Ergo. When I was done talking someone asked about if it is difficult/obvious when I breastfeed in the carrier. I responded nope, he went from looking around to nursing while I was talking to you:) I'm usually a really shy person and don't stand up and talk in groups but this was kind of different. Just thought I 'd share.

Just2fornow 08-24-2011 09:10 PM

Re: WIC/Breastfeeding Month
How fun! And good for you for sharing your success story! :) Maybe you encouraged some other mommies to try and BW and BF!

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