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Firerose_RCM 04-01-2013 07:47 PM

April TTC#1 -No Children Mentioned-
This thread is for all of us ladies who are still trying for our first living child.

The truth is at the end of the day when we're anxiously awaiting that BFP.......and it's a BFN we don't have any precious LO's to hold in our arms. We have no comfort in the children we already have, since we have none.

And sometimes it makes us sad to keep hearing about everyone else with children, and stories about those children just hurt. So we won't mention any children here. So it's a safe place without judgment when we get jealous.

Mamas to be... TTC #1
as of 4/2013

:ttc: working on it :ttc:


Currently Waiting to O


Currently in the 2WW


Name: Maricarol (age 35)
DH: Joe (age 35)
TTC: since 6/10
State/Country: Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania, USA
Special Circumstances: I have low AMH score and DH has male factor infertility
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: ?

Name: Tiffany (age 23)
DH: Derrick (age 25)
TTC: 2 Years- Infertility treatments since 10/10
State/Country: Alabama, USA
Special Circumstances: Infertility, PCOS, Miscarriage in 1/2011.
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Past- Provera, Did 5 rounds of clomid, HSG...Progesterone injection, Follistim injections, HCG trigger shot, Using preseed, IUI. Currently- in preparation for IVF

Name: Dianna (age 29)
DH: Michael (age 33)
TTC: since 05/07
State/Country: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Special circumstances: Unexplained infertility
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Prenatals, Clomid x 5 mos, HSG, laparoscopy,
IUI x1, IVF scheduled for 1/13

Name: Haley (age 23)
DH: Joel (age 28)
TTC: 2 years
State/Country: ?
Special Circumstances: TTC with PCOS, early loss 2/12
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Metformin, PreNatal, DHA

Name: Becca (age 22)
DH: Ron (age 27)
TTC: since 9/11
State/Country: Kentucky, USA
Special Circumstances: TTC over a year
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Prenatals Only

Name: Robin (age 18)
SO: Blake (age 18)
TTC: since 02/12
State/Country: Georgia, USA
Special Circumstances: PCOS
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Clomid

Name: Laura (age 30)
DH: Scott (age 42)
TTC: since 02/12
State/Country: Arizona, USA
Special Circumstances: Endometriosis, DH had prior Vas done 5 yrs ago
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: IVF is in our future, as are all of the meds that go with it!

Name: Rebecca (age 27)
DH: Matthew (age 30)
TTC: since 1/12
State/Country: Iowa, USA
Special Circumstances: Trying to lose weight
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Just prenatal vitamins

Name: Jessica (age 22)
DH: Tyler (age 23)
TTC: since 10/11
State/Country: Minnesota, USA
Special Circumstances: Trying to gain weight, no cycles, no ovulation, PCOS
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Prenatals and Provera

Name: Quita (age 26)
DH: Dee (age 35)
TTC: since 6/12 but NTNP for 2-3 years now
State/Country: ?
Special Circumstances: Trying to lose weight. No cycle or ovulation every month
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Prenatals

Name: Amie (age 26)
DH: Nick (age 33)
TTC: since 4/11
State/Country: Upstate New York, USA
Special Circumstances: Unexplained Infertility (have done ALL testings)
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Fertility Plus Vitamin, 3 cycles of clomid previously, scheduled laparoscopy in Feb 2013

Name: Tiffany (age 25)
TTC: since 11/12
State/Country: Maryland, USA
Special Circumstances: Single Mom By Choice w/ Sperm Donor
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Prenatals

Name: Claudia (age ?)
TTC: since 1/13
State/Country: Massachusetts, USA
Special Circumstances: Single Mom By Choice w/ Sperm Donor
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: Prenatals

Name: Jessie (30)
DH: Shawn (29)
TTC: since 8/12
State: California, USA
Special Circumstances: 1 personal miscarriage & family history of chronic miscarriages
Meds/Supplements/Treatments: None

Waiting to Adopt

Taking a Break

:bliss: Pregnant :preggo: Pregnant :bliss:

:bowdown: Tiffany 4/13
:bowdown: Tiffany 11/13

Holding their little one! :woot2:

abhernandez (Alice): Leon Andres born 2/2/13. :fami02:

evasimone (Eva): Baby Girl born 1/2/13. :fami02:

alliecatn1 (Allie): Corwin Gregory born 8/29/12. 7lbs 15.5oz and 19.5 inches long. :fami02:

lydoomizelaine (Elaine): Emerson Linh born 4/10/12 at 2:57am. 8lbs 7oz and 19.5 inches long. :fami02:

Hopefulily: Anthony Kenneth born 3/1/2012 at 1:05am. 7lbs 3oz and 20inches long. :fami02:

Aubrey<3Gavin: Annabelle born 11/02/2012. :fami02:

Pillsbury (Samantha): :fami02:

Stssomewhere (Amy): :fami02:

hbee: Ivy Leanne born 9/24/11. 5lbs and 17.25 inches long. :fami02:

Ten Aryhn Taylor born 9/17/2011 at 10:22 AM. 8lb 10 oz and 24 inches long. :fami02:

:gringuitica (Erin): Max Christopher born 9/2/2011 at 4:37 a.m. 9 lbs 3oz and 20.5 inches long. :fami02:

emilyA874 (Emily): Wren Elisabeth born 3/23/2011. 7lbs 6oz. :fami02:

Mrs. Rusty (Tarsha): Emmett Matthew born 6/13/2011 at 04:35 pm. 6lbs 7oz. :fami02:

Juliabell (Julia): Born 05/21/11 at 12:12am. 7lbs 8oz. :fami02:

Babylove912 (Megan): Asher James born 1/03/11. 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. :fami02:

MacyKM (Macy): Addison Kay Born 12/28/10. 8lbs 14oz and 20.5 inches long. :fami02:

Lavender Drangonfly (Amanda): Our first Graduate!! Asher born 12/17 at 12:08am. 7lbs 9oz. :fami02:

Anyone TTC their first living child can join. If you want to be added to the list or have updates to your cycles please post in different color from the rest of your post.

Firerose_RCM 04-01-2013 07:59 PM

Re: April TTC#1 -No Children Mentioned-
CD#15 and O. My co-worker thought I was pregnant because I'd been so sick last month. He mentioned it to me this morning and I thought it was kind of funny (get sick in front of a guy and they automatically assume you're pregnant, lol) but it was heartbreaking too at the same time. This is my last full month of work before summer break and it's bittersweet. I love having the whole summer off and being a housewife while just DH works but I also miss my job at the same time. I'm hoping to get a BFP this month and be able to start the summer on a happy note but I'm not getting my hopes up. Or should I say I'll try not to get my hopes up but I know I will because I always do, lol. I hate the 2WW!

KLadyBugMama 04-01-2013 08:49 PM

I forgot about this! Move me to the BFP list :) I'm due November 29th!

Firerose_RCM 04-03-2013 06:54 PM

Re: April TTC#1 -No Children Mentioned-

Originally Posted by faithfulorangekids (Post 16457736)
I forgot about this! Move me to the BFP list :) I'm due November 29th!

Congrats!:goodvibes: Hope you have a healthy nine months!

DvlDg 04-04-2013 05:26 PM


KLadyBugMama 04-04-2013 09:08 PM

Re: April TTC#1 -No Children Mentioned-
(BTW.. it's Tiffany not Tifanny :) My mother almost named me that anyway lol ;) )

Firerose_RCM 04-05-2013 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by faithfulorangekids
(BTW.. it's Tiffany not Tifanny :) My mother almost named me that anyway lol ;) )

Sorry, I accidentally misspelled it.

DvlDg 04-11-2013 03:49 AM

Ugh. I'm at 19dpo, day 5 of missed period. Tested this morning and bfn. I'm thinking if af doesn't show by this weekend, I'll schedule a blood test.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it's super hard. All I can think of: when my best friend was pregnant with her daughter, she never got a positive hpt.

ardeur 04-11-2013 10:17 AM

Re: April TTC#1 -No Children Mentioned-
CD26 and I'm not sure when or if I O'd (NTNP for my sanity). My cycles average 35 days but last month it was 38. eek!

Blessed momma 04-11-2013 10:32 AM

Re: April TTC#1 -No Children Mentioned-
Congratulations Tiffany!! My IVF miracle baby girl was born Nov 29th of's a good due date :thumbsup: hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months :)

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