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mel j 06-18-2013 01:59 AM

So out of inspiration... black beans?
Not sure what to do with this last bit of black beans I cooked a few days ago. They are a little mushy (but not too bad.) My little ones would eat them plain - they love them. But I kind of want to make something and don't want to freeze them since they are a few days old already.

I don't use refined sugar or a lot of grains. I'm also mostly turned off by meat dishes though I do have ground beef to use up (which I might use for a separate meal...)

I have done black bean brownies before, but don't have dark chocolate and any that I remember trying without using refined sugar came out too weird.

What would you make?

jbug_4 06-18-2013 04:50 AM

Re: So out of inspiration... black beans?
Soup? I love black bean soup- not the pureed mush kind. Broth based with only a little bean pureed in it. The rest of the beans whole. Green chilies and tomatoes mixed in. A little avocado on top or on the side.

mel j 06-18-2013 06:20 AM

Re: So out of inspiration... black beans?
I ended up making a black bean chocolate pudding - something I hadn't tried before. :giggle: It was pretty good! Little ones loved it and we ate it all up! I found a recipe online after googling for ideas and almost completely changed the ingredients except for the 1.5 cups of black beans...I used 1/6 cup of raw honey (instead of 1/3 of maple syrup), ~2.5 TBS cocoa powder instead of 4, and ground ginger, then ran it through the food processor with another 1/2 cup of water or so until it was super smooth.

Black bean soup sounds good too. Haven't made that in awhile! I have actually been craving black beans :headscratch: and might make more, so please keep the ideas coming! :goodvibes: I also want to try a sweet potato black bean vegan patty/'burger' but I didn't really feel like making burgers. Maybe next time.

iris0110 06-18-2013 12:09 PM

Re: So out of inspiration... black beans?
We eat a lot of black beans. I make black bean "chili", Black beans and quinoa, Black bean enchiladas (usually with zucchini, corn tortillas cause I am gluten free and green salsa) and black bean enchilada "lasagna". Just to name a few things. They go in many of my other soups too. They are just an easy source of fiber and protein with my being vegan and having so many food intolerances.

mel j 06-18-2013 02:58 PM

Re: So out of inspiration... black beans?
Yum, yesterday I made a "lasagna" with the beans, using zucchini and sweet potatoes as the noodles (since I also try to do gluten free)....It was probably more of a casserole but I will definitely make it again!

mommylovesme 06-20-2013 07:42 PM

Re: So out of inspiration... black beans?
We eat ours with tostadas, fried tortillas, topped with sour cream, fresh cheese or mozzarella, lettuce, and radishes.

d_arnold 06-20-2013 08:07 PM

Check out Pinterest. I've found some great recipes on there.

I'm going to try a stuffed pepper recipe I found with quinoa, black beans, corn, etc. it looks delicious.

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