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Michelle_M 06-02-2012 09:44 AM

Rough couple of days.
Gonna be long. Sorry!

My 2 year old (DS3) had a cough and some congestion.. no big deal, right? Well, on the third day it got worse... the sound of the cough changed and he was really fussy. He woke up in the middle of the night coughing and couldn't stop and being fussy.

The next day (Thursday) he seemed to be ok in the early part of the day, but by late afternoon he was coughing a lot. Now, I'm not "that mom" who runs to the pediatrician for a cough or a runny nose. But I decided he needed to go. I was able to get a hold of them (thank goodness, because it was just a few minutes before 5pm) and they were able to give me a 9am appointment. DH called his shop foreman, who was really nice and basically said "Your family comes first, go take care of your kid and just get here when you can after his appointment."

The next morning he woke up coughing, and was clingy and fussy.

The nurse practitioner diagnosed him with "A raging ear infection in both ears." Poor baby! No wonder he hadn't really been eating and was fussy. I had no idea, because he didn't pull on his ears the way my two older ones did with an ear infection, and there was no fever. Apparently the cough and congestion was just a cold, but it spawned the ear infection. Thankfully he tested negative for strep though! And man did that kid get MAD at being examined. He's usually so laid back. But I guess he was saying "I don't feel good. Leave me the heck alone!" LOL

There is a pharmacy located right next door (the pharmacy's entrance was LITERALLY two inches away from the pediatrician's entrance). The Nurse Practitioner asked me if I wanted the pharmacy next door to fill his scripts. I said yes, thinking it would be fastest and easiest option since DH was waiting on me to go to work. It was no more than 5 minutes from the time the NP asked me where to send the prescription and the time I walked into the pharmacy. My scripts were already filled!

This was our first time at this clinic and I was pretty impressed. My appointment was supposed to be at 9am. It was about 9:30 when we got into an exam room. And I was in the car driving home, scripts in in hand at 10:00am.

And I really really liked the N.P. I'm going to see her from now on.

As if that's not all I've had to deal with... my 6 yr old got up at like 3:30am Thursday morning. I remember him coming into our room and us telling him to go back to bed. DH got up to go to the bathroom a little while later and DS1 was up watching cartoons... DH let him stay up, but then he was tired and cranky by 5:00pm.

Then last night, he got up at 2:30 am and came into our room telling us he was hungry and refusing to go back to bed. He actually woke up DS3. We got DS1 back in bed, but DS3 wouldn't calm down. So DH got up with him and tried taking him for a car ride. Then he tried sitting in the recliner with DS3 on his chest, which calmed him down a little. Then they came back to bed and DS3 was trying to get us to play with him. I finally said "No, if you're not going to sleep, then you have to go to your own bed!" and firmly put him down on his mattress. Of course he cried for a few minutes, then climbed back in bed with us. I said "If you're going to stay up here, then you need to go back to night-night." He laid down quietly, and FINALLY calmed down... at 5:30am, and slept until 9am.

I was so surprised and grateful that DH was willing to do the night time parenting last night. I haven't been sleeping well, and have been getting sick at night (pregnancy), so it was really really sweet that DH wanted me to be able to rest.

And the update on DS3... .he seems to be feeling better. He's still not eating much, and he's not quite back to "normal." But he's coughing less and he's less fussy, so the Tylenol seems to be helping with the pain. We go back to the N.P. in two weeks for a check on his ears.

So yeah.. I'm exhausted. LOL
But, on a good note, I had a pretty good appointment with my Midwife on Thursday, my blood pressure is WAY DOWN from what it has been my last three pregnancies.. so no BP meds for me. WOO HOO! And I'm measuring right on track for being at 24 weeks (today).

Sorry so long. Thanks for letting me get it out. :)

God bless!

Fashionably Green Baby 06-02-2012 05:16 PM

:hugs: I have lots of those days because d's has a weak immune system. Glad your midwife appointment went well though!

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pine_apple_goat 06-02-2012 05:45 PM

Re: Rough couple of days.
Hugs! I hope you all feel better soon and are able to get some sleep.

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