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Gothmommy 09-04-2012 02:41 PM

She's wearing undies!!
So, DD has been slow to potty-learn. We use 'sposies mainly because we haven't found any CDs that are comfy around her little thunder thighs. A little while ago, she crawled up; n my lap and said 'poop', so I asked If she went poo, she shook her hear asnd pointed upstairs (towards the bathroom), Well, I took her up, helped her onto the big potty, and.... nothing. I offered her a pullup, and she fussed away, but sat nicely for her 'big girl undies' which she sasdd were 'pretty'. She'll be 2 on the 24th, and I'm ready for her to potty-learn, but I'm not sure If she is Yet... how can I keep on track with this?

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sandrc 09-04-2012 06:44 PM

Re: She's wearing undies!!
keep a potty where she can easily get to it while she's playing. watch her for cues (hiding, grunting or consentrating) and put her on the potty for a bit.

Gothmommy 09-04-2012 06:50 PM

Re: She's wearing undies!!
That's part of what's taking so long. We have a fisher price potty that looks like the big one, but she just loves to take it apart and scatter the pieces all over the house. She also doesn't do many obvious cues when she potties... She'll occasionally squat, but earlier when she decided to pee, she was sitting in a laundry basket (thankfully empty). No grunting, so purple face, nada.

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