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sherbetarchitect 09-30-2007 12:15 PM

Using flickr to add pics to posts
Ok -

I created a flickr account, uploaded and described photos there. I went back to my post and hit the edit button and go advanced and used the square with the little mountain in it to copy and paste a link from the flickr page for each individual photo I wanted transferred (i clicked on the pic in flickr and when it was the only showing i used that address that appeared in the toolbar and copied and pasted into ds post)....

I ended up without any pics or even links but three little boxes with just an x in them. HELP ME! I keep posting and telling mamas to email for pics and people just don't want to do it. They want to see the pics when they look at the ad. I tried reading through old threads and I just need a dummies guide to creating a post with pics in it!

Thx mamas in advance!

AmandaMacK 09-30-2007 04:48 PM

Re: Using flickr to add pics to posts
Ok, when viewing the photo you see all those lil buttons above the photo (add note, send to group, add to set, etc)? click on all sizes. Pick a size at the top you want (square , thumbnail, small,med, lg), then below the picture you see 2 boxes. The first one has the html code for websites (not what you use here), the second one is a directly link to your picture. Copy that link , then click on the mountain icon in your post (like you were doing) and put it there. Or you can copy the image link and just past it in the post and just add the img tags [.img]link to pic here[./img] (minus the periods), does the same thing as the mountain icon. make sense? hehe HTH

You could also just use photobucket, which after uploading your pic, automatically gives you the link to post including the img tags you need, so you would have to use the extra step of finding your link and pasting it in the mountain icon.

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