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Lovely 09-30-2010 09:10 PM

My baby is constipated...HELP!
DS, who is 6 weeks old, hasn't had a bowel movement since Monday. I called the doc today and she said to give him a glycerin suppository. So I gave him 1/2 of the Pedia-lax liquid suppository (per the pharmacist suggestion). The doc also said to give him 2 oz of white grape juice each day, which I haven't done yet.

He still hasn't pooped, but I think most of the liquid came right out. I'm at a loss of what to do. Also, why is this happening? He is EBF. I haven't changed my diet, except for adding Fenugreek. Can that cause it?

Thanks for any help!

melanalyus 09-30-2010 09:15 PM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
Most breastfed babies are not constipated....just follow a differernt pooping schedule than the rest of us.

My latest babies pooopd once a week for months. No constipation. Their bowels were soft and yellow (like bf'd poop).

I would recommend gently inserting rectal thermometer to see if that wil elicit a response. Prune juice/water mixture, Glycerin supositories, Karo Syrup.....all in that order.

Goo dluck!

JMFutures 09-30-2010 09:15 PM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
are you sure he is CONSTIPATED? Does lo actually pass hard stools? My almost 10 mo old goes almost 3-4 weeks without going and was EBF and just finally taking to solids! While BFing this is not uncommon - everything LO takes in is absorbed! HTH

ETA: When my Little man did finally go - it was a normal EBF stool - thick oatmeal consistency stool!!

ETA - again: If his abdomen isn't distended or rigid, or he doesn't appear to be in pain - more than likely he is not constipated!

Lovely 09-30-2010 09:16 PM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
Wow, really? I didn't think it was normal for them to get constipated but I didn't know they could go days. Up until this point he was pooping at least

Thanks for the reassurance mama :)

amitchell98 09-30-2010 09:18 PM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
You know, he could just be changing his schedule. My son did this at that exact age. He used to poop all the time, like every diaper change, then at 6 weeks he just stopped. No poop for a week! I was a little nervous, but our ped. assured us it was normal. And that was that. He was also EBF and after that only pooped every 5 days or so until he started solids. I never gave him anything. Oh...and I would NOT give him juice at all. His little body is too small to process that.

I did hear (and I can't remember if it worked or not) that if I ate a lot of cantaloupe he would poop. This works great for my son now at 2 years old, so you could give it a shot.

Lovely 09-30-2010 09:30 PM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
thanks, I really didn't want to give him the juice. I'm going to wait it out a few more days before doing that. Thanks so much...I love diaperswappers mamas :)

bootiecutie 10-01-2010 12:34 AM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
If he does end up having a difficult poop you could try massage... gently rub his tummy in a clockwise direction. Sometimes those teeny intestines just need a little boost to remember what they're supposed to do!

apboyles 10-01-2010 01:01 AM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
My lactation consultant said that around that age they go through a growth spurt where they can hold more in so they poop less. I'm glad you asked this though so I'm not freaked when we go through it in a couple weeks :)

jveprek 10-01-2010 01:12 AM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
Totally sounds like a growth spurt. I actually called our Ped one day about it with conner because it had been 3 days. He giggled and told me to call when it's been 10!

heluvsme 10-01-2010 01:42 AM

Re: My baby is constipated...HELP!
No worries, mama. One of my lo's didn't poop for like 2 weeks once. She was exclusively bf. I know it seems weird, but it's really not. I wouldn't do anything to interfere unless your lo is acting like she is in pain.

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