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candie739 02-24-2013 01:47 AM

It looks like a move is in our future, so I am in some serious need of de-stashing. I have so many that I made a photobucket album. If you spend $30 or more...shipping is FREE! Otherwise, shipping will be added on to your price. I am going to give a more detailed list of the stash, so please keep checking back. This detail list will have to be a work in progress with a nursing baby, little ones to cuddle and read to, as well as bigger ones to disciple, school and hug! I believe the photobucket links shows them all, but I will be checking that too. Right up front, I am also adding this to another board, so let me know what you want quickly as you can. This is certainly a first come deal.

**NOTE: I do have 2 dogs, but they don't wear the! I do have to let you know, however, we are a military family and recently returned from an adventure of being stationed in AK. Dear hubby enjoyed so much caribou hunting that I have 5 pelts around my house. THOSE THINGS SHED LIKE CRAZY!! In pulling out my dipes from the sale bin, I have already picked of caribou hair! SOooooo, if you get some on your diaper, what you do is take it to the nearest microscope with your kid and show them what it looks like. Explain to them the only wild caribou are found in heard in Alaska and no where in the lower 48. Caribou are what we often refer to as "reindeer." While you will find "reindeer" farms down in the lower 48, the natural migration of the herd will never be in this area. Unlike moose who do native place like Montana, as well as AK. Then plan a field trip to Alaska, preferably in the fall, so you can catch the Northern lights, and drive over the mountains to see the herd. You can visit Anchorage, and Knights taxidermy which is known the world over due to the "Mounted in Alaska" TV show on the History channel. Then visit the worlds largest chocolate fountain...yep, in Anchorage! And this all because you got a diaper from diaperswappers with a one strand of caribou fur. :)

PS...I will try to check often, but I do have seven children and homeschool to boot! It's always busy around here!!

Okay, I'll try to post this link...

************************************************** *******
************************************************** *******
2 NIP BG Freetime OS Dazzle $15 each (SOLD)
2 NIP BG Freetime OS Lovelace $15 each (SOLD)
2 EUC BG Freetime OS Mirror $10 each (SOLD)
2 EUC BG Freetime OS Noodle $10 each (SOLD)
1 EUC BG Freetime OS Mirror $10 (SOLD)
1 EUC BG Freetime OS Ribbit $10 (SOLD)
1 EUC BG Freetime OS Sassy $10 (SOLD)
(These retail at 19.95, so here's the scoop: I bought these thinking they would be easy for my big kid helpers in changing diapers, but my big kid helpers said they didn't like the velcro...I know, go figure, right? they barely used them. They were in a huge rotation for about 3-4 weeks and then I just took them out. They were taking up space and never being used. The dazzle and lovelace were backorder and came in later. They went straight into the bin to be sold, thus the NIP and they have NOT been washed!)

3 BG Organic White (snap) $10 (SOLD)
1 BG Organic Zinna (snap) $10 (SOLD)
(These are in good condition. They are used, but all elastic, snaps, etc work and they are stain free. They are not EEEUC because they are actually used. I just have way more than I need in my stash since I am now down to only diapering one rather than two! Retail at $24.95, so I am taking $14.95 off! The Zinna isn't pictured since I got it at a little shop here in town and used it a shortly after I took these, but I really don't need it...I need the space, so she up for grabs too!)

************************************************** *****
************************************************** ******
1 EEEUC Grovia shell Peacocks (aplix) $10 (SOLD)
1 EEEUC Grovia Shell Flower Mod (aplix) $10 (SOLD)
(Washed once, but never worn! See above under the BG Freetime info about how my big helpers nixed the whole "velcro" and you will understand. These shell only retail at $16.95)

8 EUC Grovia organic cotton soaker inserts $4 each (SOLD)
(These retail for $18.95 for a 2 pack, so that is about $8 a piece retail. These were used in a HUGE rotation, and there are just way more than I need. They are beautiful, stain free, good elastic, fabulous snaps. The perk is they are already washed-prepped for you!)

************************************************** **
************************************************** **
1 EUC Grovia Trainer Storm $12
1 EUC Grovia Trainer Vanilla $12

(Each set comes with an extra set of side extenders for the 3T-5T and those normally cost extra. These just did not work for my guy and were used a mere handful of times. They retail for $18.99).

************************************************** ******
************************************************** ******
1 Brown Minky $10 (SOLD)
1 Bug : $10(SOLD)

These are in GUC. Snaps good, stain free, elastic good, but they are used. These are not to be confused with the 4 other Bububebes that I have in the $3 bargin bin (see below for those).

************************************************** ******
************************************************** ******

These ones below are in GOOD condition (meaning good elastic, stain free, and good velcro or snaps, but used, have been in storage…military, ya know… so they need a good wash)

1 Periwinkle Large snap (embroidered star on bum) $11 (SOLD)
1 Periwinkle Large snap (plain) $10 (SOLD)
1 Butter Large velcro $10 (SOLD)

1 Brown Medium velcro $10

1 Sage Small velcro $10 (SOLD)
1 Sage Small Snap $10 ea (SOLD)
2 Sage Small Snap $10 ea
************************************************** ******
MISC Diapers & Covers....

************************************************** ******
1 Chocolate AIO/OS Diaper (Pocket) EEEC (I never used it): $14

2 Econobum: $5 ea
1 Whisper Wrap flowers M:$8
1 Thirsties Size 1 flowers: $3
1 Thirsties size 1 melon pink color: $3

Oh Katy: GUC
1 Light Blue Pocket type/OS: $8

FuzziBunz (older version/GUC)
1 Dark Blue Lg(with insert): $8

************************************************** ******
************************************************** ******
Older version of BG that were AIO, but had the pocket too, so you can add extra fluff. All are aplix.

1 Large Butter (SOLD)
2 Large Clementine (SOLD)
2 Large Ribbit (SOLD)
2 Large Moonbeam (SOLD)
3 Large Twilight (SOLD)

1 Medium Butter (SOLD)
1 Medium Clementine(SOLD)

1 Small Clementine (SOLD)
1 Small Moonbeam (SOLD)
1 Small Twilight(SOLD)

**All are used diapers, but are in good condition since the velcro still holds well, the elastic is still good, and they are stain free. The are NOT however, "new" diapers...they are in fact used...thus the bargain :-D. The smalls are in very good condition as my babes didn't wear them much or long (they were big babies and grew too fast). We are military and they have been in storage, so they need a good wash!)

************************************************** ******
************************************************** ******
Okay these are VERY USED...BuBuBeBe!! The snaps still work, and the snap inserts (all three layers) are good and stain free! However, the elastic in the legs are shot.
1 Camo (SOLD)
1 Red Cowboy (SOLD)
1 Puppy dogs(SOLD)
1 Blue Cowboy(SOLD)

Below, I have a group of BottomBumpers that are very used and need new elastic. I have before sent my Bottombumpers back to the gal who makes them and she will replace elastic for $3 a dipe. You only send the shell part too (so not the snap insert) back to her to save on shipping. When I sent mine in I paid to ship to her and I don't thinks she charged me extra to ship them back.) The Velcro works well, and they are stain free. I have, for obvious reasons, deeply discounted these as well.

1 Brown Medium velcro $3 (SOLD)
1 Red Medium velcro $3 (SOLD)
1 Aqua Medium velcro $3 (SOLD)

2 Aqua Large velcro $3 (SOLD)
1 Red Aqua velcro $3 (SOLD)
************************************************** ******

LoveMyLoves 02-24-2013 04:05 AM

Hi, I think I’m interested in some of your diapers. What size are the $3 bargain bin BubuBebe diapers and do they have pul or something similar or do they require a cover? Can you tell me a little bit about the Bottombumpers (red, brown, and blue) in the Bargain Bin?
I would also like prices for:
the three BumGenius OS Freetime (red, blue, and green)
the white “Elemental”
the BubuBebe OS AI2 (bugs and brown) and do they have a hidden pul layer?
Thank You!!!

LoveMyLoves 02-24-2013 04:44 AM

And Oh my goodness, I just reread the have 7 and homeschool? I have 4 and homeschool. I might need your advice! :o)

cobbermama 02-24-2013 07:13 AM

PMing you

tiffanyjanef 02-24-2013 07:15 AM


tiffanyjanef 02-24-2013 07:17 AM

hello I am interested in your bungenius...are any elemental? if so which ones? I can't tell by the much for each...and the new in package are any elemental?
thank you

hopeangelmomof5 02-24-2013 02:45 PM

I would be interested in all the NIP Freetimes and the Elementals. Can you PM me a diaper total (I didn't count) and money grand total?

clarkcarley 02-24-2013 03:16 PM

I would like the prices of your snaps with the BG and the bd flips. Plus what colors are they?

happyme02 02-24-2013 09:00 PM

I am interested in the bargain bin bottom bumpers size M and the bububebe

candie739 02-24-2013 11:44 PM

Please, PLEASE, please forgive my delay!!! My daughter fell ill today with 101 temp and dh is out of town...that's the way it goes right?!?! SO, Let me work through this and expect some trickle in responses here and there tomorrow, okay? Thanks for showing me some grace! I soooo neeeeeed these out of the house! :-) are super cute!

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