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~whitehologram~ 08-01-2010 02:24 AM

Basically it's the end of the weekend.

~whitehologram~ 08-01-2010 02:35 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.

Originally Posted by mom2sadieandbean (Post 10863989)
Not caught up at all....back from taking Julia to the doctor and running errands in town

diaper rash is, in fact, yeast rash. We now have a stronger antifungal. It was improved this morning, but not completely healed. Facial rash (arms seem to be about 95% better) covers most of her forehead and extends behind her ears and has been labelled as dry skin and cradle cap. We can treat that with over the counter stuff.

Picked up some coconut oil as I remembered Faith mentioning that works well for yeast rash - so Faith, how do I use it? I know that I need to warm it to make it liquid (according to the label), but do I need to remove it after an hour like the jar says? Also picked up some of the Huggies Pure and Natural dipes so that we can put sposies on J at night and not have to worry about them leaking since the others are too big.

After all day in town, the girls and I are tired. Sadly, they are going to have to go to bed soon....

I have coconut oil here somewhere, I really should try that on Fynn.


Originally Posted by negrapy (Post 10865334)
:bighug: Janine - hopefully you got some relief overnight and rest

Thanks sweetness. I really hate this and it just makes me feel even worse knowing this is going to happen every month from now on. The pain is really bad and the mess is just disgusting. Heiner picked me up a couple of boxes of tampons yesterday thankfully. I slept from 12am till 3am before I woke up to that horrible feeling and had to go sort myself out....Fynn woke up at 6am and that was the night over and done with. I'm so tired :tired:

I was nice to everyone this morning and had breakfast on the table before they all got up...but now I want to curl up in a ball and die. I've taken painkillers but I'm still in pain :cry:

I've done a little knitting this morning....I was right about knitting late at night. I just mess it up. I should know that but still I do it :doh: Well I did what it said to do but the result was different somehow. Either way I've reknit it this morning and now it looks good. I love the colour!

I've also sewn up but 3 (need those for the doll) of the Premi PFs into MC for me. The MC that I have is just too short. Ok to use as liners but not ever going to be any good for me as MC.

vmomma 08-01-2010 05:01 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.
Hey Janine :) I hope you feel better today. I hate AF. Mine is so heavy for the first 3 days that I run right through a tampon and they are useless. I don't even use them

I'm up at the crack of dawn pumping before work. I hope today is a bit slower because it's the weekend. Hopefully I get some easy patients

Have a good Sunday

Bethannp 08-01-2010 07:52 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.
sorry AF is so rough Janine. :hugs: Mine has never been too bad, just a nuisance. Still no AF w/ this boobie monster though

jwjbbrown 08-01-2010 07:57 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.
morning. Janine sorry for the mantraul issues. no fun. Now that I have quit taking my pill I get it every month and it is no fun. I started taking the pill when MH was 1 and ot did not effect my milk supply at all. I was taking it so that I only got my period 4 times a year. It was great. I only went off to jump start my weight loss this summer. I will get back on it sometime this fall....after I down 40 or so pounds.

~whitehologram~ 08-01-2010 07:58 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.
Having a crappy day here. I'm about ready to boff Heiner over the head with a frying pan!

jwjbbrown 08-01-2010 08:03 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.
wow some bad spelling and grammer in that post....I blame the cellphone.
MH and I will head home after church today. She is currently playing with chalk and a puddle.

~whitehologram~ 08-01-2010 08:10 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.
Watching Funny people on TV and Eminem just came on, I thought of Becky :)

I like the film, Heiner doesn't.

jwjbbrown 08-01-2010 08:14 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.
off to get messy chalk girl in the shower with me.

erin13 08-01-2010 08:49 AM

Re: Basically it's the end of the weekend.
Just popping on to say hi!

Janine - sorry bout AF - that really stinks. :(

Jesse and my niece just left with my FIL to go to the river for a while, my oldest niece is here to run after Ty. I was up most of the night with really strong contractions and pretty crampy. Nothing that is regulating or has me concerned - but none the less, I'm taking it easy.

Today is Jesse's party. Although, we had DQ ice cream cake last night and lite up sparklers at 8:30 since that was his "birthing time" :D It was pretty fun and I think a neat tradition to start since both the boys are night time babies!!!

I hope you're all having a good day.

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