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myclanof6 03-26-2013 04:43 PM

For hoverers: Covers-Thirtsties XS, S, Size 2, Grobaby, Rar OS, Econobum Prefolds- xs and small, Pockets-FB one-size and petite

Feel free to MMAO!

I have lots of diapers that I will probably be adding to the list over the next couple of weeks but here is a good start. :)
We have a smoke free and dog friendly home. I have done my best to look these over but I am human and I have 5 kids including a demanding 2 year old and 4 month old so I may have missed something. I will describe to the best of my abilities but please ask all questions and feel free to ask for more pictures. I can't upload a detailed picture of every diaper because there are simply too many diapers to do so but will be happy to send more. :goodvibes:

*SOLD*One lone BGOS in excellent condition. $12ppd I was trying out aplix and decided I really prefer snaps. Everything seems perfect on this one. It comes with both inserts but they have been used.

FBOS- $12ppd or $55ppd for all All are stain free, elastic seems great on all except light blue one but I will throw the extra one in for free on this one. PUL is great on all, snaps are great on all except brown $9ppd, it doesn't make the snap sound but it seems secure. I can include one insert with these but it won't be guaranteed a FB insert. I have extra elastics that I can include for $1ea.

Old style Petite FB- No stains, PUL great. These all have very tight leg elastic making them a true medium size IMO, back elastic on light blue and two pinks on bottom are good, stretched out on the other three. Hot pink stitching on back part has come loose a little as you can see in pic. All will come with one insert. Lt blue and pale pink $8ppd, all others $6ppd or $36ppd for all

2 Sunbaby pre-size (current size 1) No stains, elastic seems fine, PUL great. $8ppd each or $14ppd for both.
SweetDoll Baby- No stains, elastic and snaps seem fine but I do get occasional leaks. $4ppd
Kawaii Minky- No stains, elastic and snaps are great, I just never liked the fit of this one. $7ppd
Tiny Tush Elite Large (but fits like a large medium) Elastic, snaps and PUL
seem fine.$7ppd
Will sell this "sampler" for *SOLD*

Random WAHM fitted- It was an AIO but it leaks so it's more like a fitted. Cute princess-ish print, hemp insert but it has small holes in it, fleece inner with no holes or stains. Size medium $4ppd


*ALL SOLD*NB RumpaRooz-$9ppd ea *Gumball SOLD* Elastic, velcro and snaps great. These were not worn at all, just tried on. DD was way too big for them, they would work great on a smaller baby or one that doesn't have thunder thighs. :giggle:

OS RaR- It was only worn a few times, just didn't fit DD well. Excellent condition. $10ppd
Thirsties Size 2- Aplix in great condition-tiny bit pilly, elastic, PUL and snaps are fine. Stains on the inside from being left in a hot car with a wet prefold inside. :( It has been bleached but I haven't tried to sun it so it might come out over time. $7ppd

Thirsties XS-$9PPD Green-snaps, elastic and velcro great. $3PPD Blue-elastic is stretched but still has some spring to it, velcro sticks but isn't super duper sticky, dingy inside, snaps are fine.
SOLD Swaddlebees NB-$7 Snaps and elastic great, only tried on, never used.

Thirsties Small-$9ppd ea All velcro is great, very mild pilling if any. Elastic great on all except red and blue. Back elastic seems stretched out, leg elastic fine, $7PPD ea for these.

Thirsties Duo size 2- $9PPD Pink PUL is great, aplix and snaps great, elastic relaxed some, gusset is a little dingy but no stains that I can see. $6PPD Stripes PUL great, aplix still sticky but pilly, snaps fine, elastic is relaxed but still stretchy, inside isn't stained but looks a little dingy.

Attachment 139298

Lone Econobum Cover with white trim-Hardly used at all, I just have too many covers. Excellent condition-no stains, elastic, snaps and PUL are great. $6ppd

Grobaby-$6ppd Wildflowers elastic loose on one side, fine on other side, aplix still very sticky
Grovia-$7ppd Ice elastic and aplix great, front panel is a little fuzzy but doesn't affect aplix sticking.
Grobaby Birds-$3ppd (basically FFS) Has seen some love, aplix kinda sticky but probably needs replacing, pilly front, elastic loose on right side, snaps are fine.

Attachment 139299

$10 Mandarin is NIP *SOLD*
$3 Softbums insert no stains

12 unbleached (but have seen bleach, so not completely natural color) XS Imagine $21ppd Maybe some shadow staining but I can't always see it, so I'm not sure. No rips or tears in the fabric.

12 bleached Imagine small-$23ppd I don't see any stains on these but just to be on the safe side I'll say maybe some shadow stains. No rips or tears in these that I see.

Attachment 139295

9 Procion dyed infant prefolds ~11-11.5 X 14- $12ppd There are three of each color, no stains because these were mainly used as burp cloths. These have been used, no tears or holes in the fabric, but the edges are worn. I can send a close-up of the edges if you are interested. Pic is attatched at the bottom for some reason :headscratch:

5 (2 not pictured but are the same) "doublers" Three are shown but I may have a couple more floating around. Some of these are big square cloth napkins (not as big as FST) and some were cut and sewn (by a novice) to be about the same size. I used these as doublers in my flats and prefolds but we are moving away from those for now. $2 with anything else.

Receiving Blanket flats-$.50ea Will only sell these in groups of 3 or more with at least 1 cover or diaper. These are rough estimates, could be off by 1/2". No stains, unsure of brands since I cut the tags off but I know some are gerber and some are circo.
*SOLD*27X27 (4 of them)-Light blue, light yellow, white w/blue stitching, white with planes and cars. Forgot to take picture of these :banghead: so I will have to email it to you.

In order these are 26X28, 28X25, 26X29, 28X27, 40X27 (this worked great when DD needed more absorbancy up front!)

Wool- *Sigh* DH in trying to be helpful with diaper changing and laundry put these two covers in with baby laundry and they were washed...and felted. :cry: Positive note is they are BULLETPROOF! They still have stretch but definitely not the same size as before.
*SOLD* underwoolie size 2-$13ppd 15"rise, 17" hips, 9" legs. Light blue staining-very hard to tell in pics, no idea what it is but it may come out if you scrub at it. Aristocrats sold

*SOLD*Small Babyology soaker- $13ppd Not felted that I can see, no stains, great condition. Again, just not feeling the soaker love with this LO. :)

Attachment 139300

Trainers- FFS with a purchase
These were given to me but I've never used them. There is significant padding in the middle so would catch an accident or two. Elastic on one side of 1 is loose, there are tears in the fabric but the sewing is solid! These are not pretty but they are functional. I would say these would fit a small early PT'er. Will give measurements upon request.

sahmdevon 03-26-2013 08:13 PM

Re: Newborn diapers & covers, flats, prefolds
Interested in all xs fb

myclanof6 03-28-2013 06:57 PM

Bumpity bump!

Sent from my iPhone using DS Forum most likely while nursing :)

amandaroselewis 03-28-2013 09:04 PM

Re: Newborn diapers & covers, flats, prefolds
Interested in the bummis covers. Can you please pm me, I can't pm yet.

myclanof6 03-29-2013 06:22 PM

Pic of the NB Grovia

Sent from my iPhone using DS Forum most likely while nursing :)

Mom2logan717 03-29-2013 09:12 PM

How much for the flip inserts?

betsymg 04-01-2013 06:04 PM

Re: Newborn diapers & covers, flats, prefolds
Are the fuzzi bunz xs still available? Im interested in all 10

myclanof6 04-03-2013 02:02 PM

Re: Newborn diapers & covers, flats, prefolds

myclanof6 04-05-2013 06:15 PM

Re: Prefolds, girly/gn newborn covers, GN OS covers, GN wool soakers
Bump for more added!

mommy2eli 04-06-2013 08:47 AM

Are the Imagine prefolds the "smart fit" kind?

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