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mandabug2 01-04-2013 10:49 PM

Weaning 21 month old twins
Totally ready to wean, but they are know their schedule. There will be no ' don't ask, don't offer ' here. I walk in the room and it's automatically, "muck" (their word for BFing). They will ask EVERY time. I nurse morning, nap, after nap, and night, and they ask for each one. :-/
Any help would be seriously appreciated!

hailey1312 01-05-2013 02:49 PM

Re: Weaning 21 month old twins
can you phase it out slowly, by giving them a bottle or sippy of milk or water instead? At 21 months they still need milk in some form and need the nutrition but if you are done nursing and sure, then I would try to substitute something else isntead of going cold turkey. I have heard that you can drop the least important feedings first. Which ones would be hardest? morning or night? leave those till last and drop the ones during the day first. Make sure they eat good so they aren't hungry and offer a sippy of milk or something before nap. My sister started her boys on a sippy of milk instead of a bottle when she was weaning them from bottles and it worked fine. It might be harder going from breastfeeding to bottles or sippies if they have never taken them though.

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