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ClothDiaperMePlease 10-02-2007 01:52 PM

Morning Sickness
Ok, so I thought my last pregnancy was bad....... I am so sick ALL of the time this go round!! I have lost about 15lbs so far......

Any solutions? I don't want to say what I have tried because maybe you just have a sightly different version.

I do have to say though, Ginger and I do not get along ;)

CrunchyMama0607 10-02-2007 01:58 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
peppermint hard candies and flat coke helped me :hugs:

2sweetboys 10-02-2007 02:00 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
I was told to eat foods high in carbs. I'm pretty sure I lived on oatmeal and baked potatoes for weeks! You could see if you could get the Premesis prenatal's Vit. B and Folic Acid....the Vit. B helps with nausea.

I had to take meds for mine. I tried Reglan, which didn't help much, and then ended up taking Zofran...but it is expensive (somewhere around $18-20 per pill).

Good luck and just doesn't last forever!:hugs:

HeidiMarie 10-02-2007 02:01 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
So sorry that you are so sick, mama! I always felt like my MS would last FOREVER! But we all know that it doesn't so hang in there! : ) Nothing really helped tremendously, but some things that helped at least a little were snacking all day long on high protein foods, never letting myself get hungry, sucking on lemon drops or cinnamon candy, 1/2 unisom tab and b6, and a device called a relief band. It works along the same principle as those sea bands. I can't really say anything was a cure-all (which is what I wanted, of course), but they did help. Good luck and hang in there! It'll be worth it!

hobbsandbean 10-02-2007 02:37 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
i'm so sorry you are sick! it's awful! :( anyway, i don't really have much to offer as mine was seemingly unstoppable without medication. my ob only offered promethazine, so that meant i was asleep for 4 hours after taking it...but at least i wasn't puking. next time i'll be trying zofran if it's bad again.

the one thing my family doctor and ob both said was just to eat whatever worked - don't worry about nutrition, especially at the first part of the pregnancy. to avoid being hospitalized with a central line, i learned to eat whatever sounded good and was quick to get down (rice-a-roni was a favorite), and then lay completely still and keep swallowing like crazy for 40 minutes to an hour to let it get mostly out of my stomach. then i'd get up and puke whatever was left. but it did stop the crazy weight loss, so he didn't hospitalize me. :mrgreen:

just hang in there! it's so hard, but it does end, and then you get a sweet little baby. :hugs:

bettybites 10-02-2007 02:47 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
I was constantly sucking on sour/lemon-flavored candies!

I feel ya, I hear that morning sickness gets worse with each pregnancy and that was definitely my case! :hugs:

At least you get a cute little baby out of the deal, huh?

rowynne 10-02-2007 02:53 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
I had the Premesis prenatal vitamins too! I lived on preggie drops for about 16wks. Sea bands work too & my OB suggested b-6 & a unisom upon waking, lunch, dinner and bedtime (I just took 1/2 a tablet) but BOY did it work! The chemical compound is actually a m/s RX still sold in Canada. US has moved on to zofran and regelan.

jennywymore 10-02-2007 03:06 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
Try to chew on peppermint gum, Ginger used to give me heart burn.
Put lemons in your water, raspberry leaf tea with hunny, Peppermint tea with hunny, acually mix them together. Frozen yogurt or yogurt. I used to eat peanutbutter on a spoon.
Stay away from
Fried, greasy foods, spicy, onions, cabbage, caffeine.
This info came out of my pregnancy book from Dr Sears page 20-21

I used to eat Odwalla bars, you can get them at the store, strawberry is the best, chocolate is good to. the fist bite is hard but after that it usually helps. I think its the protein in them.
I also drank "Naked Fruit" they are expensive $2.99 but they are so great, smoothie almost
I love the bannana and strawberry or the blueberry energy.
Hope this helps...:hugs:

momma2three 10-02-2007 03:18 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
I don't have time to type up a long response but like the other mama, I was at risk for a central line too. I was 5 months along and 97 pounds (and I'm 5'5 too). I needed meds and a lot of them to control it. a great site to go to for recommendations for meds and foods to keep down is

CrunchyMama0607 10-02-2007 10:43 PM

Re: Morning Sickness
oooooh a plain baked potato w/butter helped me as well :goodvibes: w/o the skin...i couldn't eat it :yuck:

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