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titania 08-22-2007 05:45 PM

think i am going to mc
i have been having this weird come and go pain yesterday and some today. had some spotting yesterday and the day before and some red bleeding today, but not much. i had an u/s this afternoon which i had scheduled a few weeks ago to help with dating, as i was not paying attn to my cycles. so the tech sees the yolk sac and the area where the blood is coming from. she doesn't seem concerned about it at all and makes me think it is a totally normal (the bleed). but i tested positive a month ago, and she said what she saw was consistent with a 5 week pg. there is no way i am only 5 weeks. so i figure the babe just never grew. i am having a beta in the morning, but i don't really have a lot of hope at this point. the bleeding and pain have stopped.

don't really know what the point of this post is, i guess im just looking for some support.

hsjwmom 08-22-2007 05:50 PM

Re: think i am going to mc

I hope it isn't true and that things work out for you, mama.

bluebonnet 08-22-2007 06:01 PM

Re: think i am going to mc
I'm sorry mama....:hugs: That is what happened at my last mc I kept having pains and spotting and when I'd have an ultrasound, I just wasn't measuring where I should have been for when I tested positive.

I do hope though that your little bean is just slow in growing and will catch up soon!:hugs:

p2000cw 08-22-2007 06:05 PM

Re: think i am going to mc
Saying prayers for you momma!!

itsymama 08-22-2007 06:08 PM

Re: think i am going to mc
:hugs: I'm sorry momma .

CrunchyMama0607 08-22-2007 06:09 PM

Re: think i am going to mc
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: youll be in my thoughts/prayers as well as your little bean. :goodvibes:

4boys1girlforme 08-22-2007 06:47 PM

Re: think i am going to mc
:pray: for you mama!
I had a m/c at 7 weeks with #3- it doesn't sound like yours though- I hope that isn't what is happening to you.:hugs:

Haulin5 08-22-2007 07:57 PM

Re: think i am going to mc
:hugs: :hugs: I hope thats not it. I will keep you and you little bean in my prayers.

Birdof1985 08-22-2007 08:34 PM

Re: think i am going to mc
well this is just what happend to me so bare with me:

On 4/16 i got BFP. wasnt 100% of LMP or O.

4/27 i went for u/s and they couldnt find a pregnancy in my uterus but rather a "thickend uterine lining"

then i had 2 BETA the first week of May, 3900 and 6400.

5/8 i go for another u/s--- bean measures 5w6d and has a HB.

so counting 5w6d back from 5/8... thats 3-4wpreggo at 4/18-4/25 BUT I have since had other u/s that show im due 1/1, 1/2 and now 1/6! so, dont give up hope because maybe you had a late implant and baby is just small :thumbsup:

tmfletch 08-22-2007 08:56 PM

Re: think i am going to mc
My thoughts will be with you. :bighug:

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